Day 645

7th Avenue and Sterling Place

October 5th, 2013

"Fifty years later . . . there is little to indicate that the corner of Seventh Avenue and Sterling Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn, bore violent witness to the worst air disaster at the time, that the disembodied leviathan tail of a ruined jet came to rest here amid flaming carnage and falling brick."

That quote is from a 2010 NY Times City Room post that goes on to describe some of the remaining signs — the "faded scars" — of what is commonly known as the Park Slope plane crash, a 1960 mid-air collision of two airliners that sent one hurtling into Park Slope and the other into Miller Army Airfield in Staten Island, killing all 128 people aboard, as well as 6 people on the ground in Park Slope. Several buildings were damaged or destroyed, but the old Lillian Ward House, above, survived intact.

(You can check out the Times's full semi-centennial City Room coverage of the disaster here.)

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