Day 649

The staggering heights of Bennett Park

October 9th, 2013

At 265.05 feet above sea level, the top of this rock mound is the loftiest peak in all of Manhattan.

In 1998, two daring adventurers set out to climb the high points of all five boroughs in a mere five days. From their account of Day 1:

Heading south on Fort Washington Avenue, we pass the prophetically named Hilltop Pharmacy and run smack into lovely Bennett Park, a pocket of green surrounded by odd, Tudor-style apartment buildings. We turn left onto Pinehurst Avenue and, with growing excitement, we scan the 1.8-acre park. We spot an outcrop of reddish rock rising gently perhaps three feet from the ground. On it, a granite plaque from the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey reads: ''The Highest Natural Point on Manhattan: 265.05 Feet Above Sea Level. USC & GS Datum.''

Eureka. Scrambling to the top of the rock, we breathe in what seems like thinner air and caress the summit's grainy surface. It's an exhilarating feeling. After we've hopped down and are resting on a park bench, we notice several toddlers and a pigeon summiting after us.

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  1. Jeff in Joisy says:

    Did you get a nose bleed while taking this picture at such great heights ???

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