Day 664

Broken Angel, brokenhearted

October 24th, 2013

Arthur's gone; they finally evicted him. Here's the note he left for his supporters.


  1. KnowsNose says:

    That’s tellin’ ’em, Frank.

  2. Karen Too says:

    A sad story. Where is the heart and soul of NYC?

    If your walks teach nothing else it is that it does still exist in this wide and wonderful city, but perhaps not in this particular place and time. :-(

    At the same time, New York City is an ever-changing landscape, and I believe that the spirit in the good works of Arthur and Cynthia Wood will live on.

    If not here, then it will be somewhere else in the city.

  3. Geoffrey Hufford says:

    awfully bland gentrification hq condo stands in its place these days.

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