Day 799


March 8th, 2014

Ada Louise Huxtable wrote that this former off-track betting parlor in the George Washington Bridge Bus Station "occupies the most space on the concourse and exudes an air of abandoned hope" — and that was before it closed down in late 2010, along with all the others in the city. To quote a post from two years ago:

After struggling for years, all the NYC OTB parlors were finally shuttered in late 2010. A considerable number of them, however, have managed to eke out a pathetic sort of survival, courtesy of the sluggish economy: their signs and logos, or at least traces of them, still adorn many of the vacant, unrented storefronts that once housed the parlors. The former customers, of course, have had to move on, but what has become of Jesus Leonardo? Not to worry, friends: he just keeps on keepin' on.

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