Day 905

1473 Richmond Terrace

June 22nd, 2014

According to the Staten Island Advance, Quinlan has been in business for some 125 years, and its building is even older, dating back to the early 1800s.


  1. Karen Too says:


    Matt, as always, I learn something new on your great site. :-D

    You probably mention the following at some point.

    It came up when I did a Google search for “Haughwaut,” and so I thought I’d add it here:

    There is a lot of information on Google related to the Haughwaut name.

  2. Chris says:

    There’s flashing at the base of the exterior front walls. Never seen anything like that before. It’s probably there to keep water out of the basement but if that’s the problem, they should replace the missing downspout which would help tremendously. But hey, the building has been there for 200 years so what do I know!

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