Day 922

In-road rope swing

July 9th, 2014


  1. yea, so that’s totally safe.

  2. thefensk says:

    Gives “why don’t you go play in the street” a totally new meaning.

    This is so totally wrong on so many levels.
    Matt, if you ever turn this quest into a book, this is my vote for the cover picture.

    • BJL says:

      “…turn this quest into a book.” Yes. I would vote for a different cover photo but we can all argue about that at some later point :-)

  3. thefensk says:

    Yeah … he’s got some great pictures but this is probably one of the more random scenes that he would have ONLY seen on a walk like this. I’ll settle for the back cover.

    I’m still sort of waiting for him to run into the “People of NY” guy and they can shoot photos of themselves.

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