Day 1044

Cedar Lane Stables

November 8th, 2014

The home of the Federation of Black Cowboys is located at the intersection of two high-traffic urban thoroughfares: Conduit Avenue and Linden Boulevard. But the place manages to maintain some rustic charm nonetheless. In keeping with the federation's goal of shining a light on the forgotten history of the black cowboy, this wooden pasture fence running along the edge of the property features the names of many notable black figures from the Old West (as well as a couple who weren't black and a few from more recent times).

The names found on the fence are: Mary (Ellen) Pleasant, Grant Johnson, Frank E. Webner, Marvel Rogers, Isaiah Mays, George Goldsby, Bud Ledbetter, Bass Reeves, Mary Fields, Nat Love, the Buffalo Soldiers, James Beckwourth, Fred Whitfield, and Ben "Tex" Miller.

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