Day 1057

A wintry coating

November 21st, 2014

These plants outside the Queens Museum are encased in ice, although there was no precipitation last night. Could this be the result of an overzealous sprinkler system operating in just-below-freezing weather?


  1. Jon says:

    Sometimes I forget just how far behind these photos are :). Did you take some time off from walking in the winter? If not, you must surely be getting close to the end of your journey by now. Weird to think this might almost be over, even though there are months to go.

    • Matt Green says:

      I have taken a good bit of time off from walking just to work on the website, but I still have many days of photos to work through. I plan to get fully caught up before the final few hundred miles, though, so I won’t be faced with months of blogging after finishing the walking. And the progress map is up to date, by the way, even though I’m behind on the photos.

  2. BJL says:

    What a stunning shot. The plants look like they’re made of Venetian glass. You certainly have an eye for all things great & small.

  3. Aussie Brad says:

    Brilliant shot Matt. Your eye for detail is unsurpassed.

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