Day 1060

The Midtown skyline

November 24th, 2014

as seen from Anable Basin. Just to the right of the slant-roofed Citigroup Center is 432 Park Avenue, which was topped out in October and is now the world's tallest residential building (though not for long). It also has the highest roof of any building in NYC and is considered the city's second-tallest building altogether (though, again, not for long). You can see spectacular photos from the roof and from one of the apartments here.

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  1. Karen Too says:

    Your photo here is lovely, as always.

    That Park Avenue building, and the Nordstom one to come, however, are hideous.

    They ruin the NYC skyline.

    Further, it’s already hard enough to see the sky there without these ridiculously tall structures blotting out the sun.

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