Day 1071

Italy via Saturn

December 5th, 2014

This car is parked in front of Maria Stella Auto Body.

Stepping into the Street View time machine...

August 2011: The name of the body shop is Dependable Auto Body. There are no national colors on display.

June 2012: Same as above.

September 2013: There is now a (seemingly closed) Mexican deli next door with two Mexican flags on its awning. The body shop has likewise added two Italian flags, one at the top of the building and one in the window. (Italian and Mexican flags are almost identical in color.) The Saturn is now parked in front of the body shop with "FOR SALE $1,500 WOW" written on its windshield, but it's just a plain red car at this point.

October 2013: The Italian flag in the window of the body shop is gone. The Saturn is still there.

September 2014: The Mexican deli has become a flagless stair supply business. The Italian flag atop the body shop is also gone, but the Saturn has acquired the flag's colors and no longer appears to be for sale. The body shop now has its current Italian-sounding name.

October 2014: The Saturn is still there, and the stair supply store seems to have gone out of business.

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