Day 1124

A perfect day for sledding

January 27th, 2015

Thanks to the predicted apocalyptic wrath of Winter Storm Juno, schools were closed today and many people stayed home from work. When the storm turned out to be far less severe than expected, there were suddenly a lot of people with some rare weekday free time looking to take advantage of the season's first substantial snowfall. A sizable contingent of them flocked, sled in hand, to this spot in Central Park, just northwest of the Conservatory Garden. In addition to the crowd you see in the background of this shot, there were also groups gathered out of frame to the left and right, and kids were chaotically bombing downhill from all three directions, often inadvertently colliding in the center at surprisingly high speeds. No one seemed to mind getting clobbered though; I guess everyone was bundled up in enough layers to absorb most of the impact.

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