Day 1171

Coney Island Pumping Station

March 15th, 2015

Now the abandoned centerpiece of a community garden, the Irwin Chanin-designed 1938 Coney Island Pumping Station was built to maintain constant water pressure in the area for fighting fires. Check out this old photo: where there's now just a painted cinder block wall, a three-tier band of windows once ran horizontally around the building (interior photos). The double Pegasus sculptures that once flanked the entrances were vandalized around 1980 and were subsequently moved to the Brooklyn Museum's sculpture garden in 1981.


  1. Karen Too says:

    Look at that beautiful Art Deco building. What a shame.

    Glad, though, to know that the sculptures were saved.

    Having once lived in NYC for a long time, I got to enjoy a lot of Mr. Chanin’s work.

  2. Alan Partlow says:

    Beautiful shot.

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