Day 1174

Portals of the day

March 18th, 2015

This is Our Lady of La Salette, a traditionalist, independent Roman Catholic church that celebrates the Mass in Latin. (Zoom out to see the whole building in Street View; zoom in to see a couple of items stranded atop the left gatepost.) A sign inside the gate reads:


Ladies, young ladies, and girls It is unequivocally prohibited, for all women to enter the church for any Liturgical act in pants, immodest, low neckline dresses or tops. Moreover it is mandatory that all women shall cover their heads with a veil.

NOTE: Women who visit the church for the first time shall be given a skirt.

Attention: Men, young men and boys, it is prohibited during springtime and summertime to enter the church in shorts, undershirts and tank tops. Tradition means to respect and honor God.

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