Day 1326

Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian

August 17th, 2015

Completed in 1927 (1931 photo), this was originally St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. An online history of the congregation claims that St. Demetrios was the first Greek Orthodox church on Long Island and the first church in all of NYC built by a Greek Orthodox congregation (earlier churches used by other Greek Orthodox congregations were formerly houses of worship of other denominations/faiths).

In 1967, having built a new, larger church about a mile away, St. Demetrios sold its old home to St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Church. St. Andrew's seems to have been defunct for some time now, however, and the building was recently purchased by St. Andrei Romanian Orthodox Church. A court document attached to the deed of sale (pages 9-10) states that "the property is in distress and . . . there is no operating parish to secure and safeguard the property . . . St. Andrei Romanian Orthodox Church . . . will secure and safeguard the premises and avoid the property from going into further distress."

UPDATE (June 2017): With necessary repairs having been made, the church reopened on November 28, 2015. As seen here, the place is looking pretty good these days, although the congregation is still trying to raise money for additional restoration projects. (Despite its Romanian-ness, St. Andrei appears to belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, as did St. Andrew's before it.)

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