Day 1346

First ripe figs of 2015

September 6th, 2015

It's looking like this year is gonna be another sad one for NYC's figs. But not as bad as last year: the five or so ripe figs in this photo (zoom in) exceed the total I saw in all of 2014.


  1. Lemari minimalis jati says:

    to the honorable admin, I want to ask figs whether they can be eaten. if you can shape the fruit like what because in Indonesia there is no thanks.

  2. Bernard Leeds says:

    Edible once soft and purple and larger. Brown Turkey or Chicago Hardy are two varieties recommended for northern (?) climates. People wrap or Mulch to get to survive winter. NY/Long Island Zone 6b Figs will produce a edible crop on new wood up till first frost. Some years few will ripen, some years not too many, some years better. Full sun and good south facing wall helps.

  3. L Pierce says:

    Figs are the fruit in the Fig Newtons, a filled cookie you can usually find in the grocery store.

  4. Isabel says:

    Matt, I just finished watching your beautiful movie. I have walked in many parts of this amazing world and I really appreciate how you opened my eyes to New York City. I too love fig trees and cemeteries. Maybe you can walk el Camino, the Way some day. I plan to walk it soon.
    Good luck with your continued curiosity for life and the places in which life is lived one day at time.

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