Day 1346

Jujube tree

September 6th, 2015

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  1. Amy says:

    Really? This is a jujube? I had no idea. I always thought they were inedible little candies.

    The most surprising tree I ever saw in New York was the prune plum tree in my grandma’s backyard at 71st Ave and Vleigh Place in Kew Gardens Hills. I didn’t know you could eat anything that grew in that dirt — it was hardly even dirt, and I don’t know how she coaxed all her plants out of it, she had a jungle back there — but those plums were delicious. (We probably shouldn’t have been eating them. Who knows what was in that dirt.)

    Not that it matters, but I’m very happy that you’re doing what you’re doing. I mean I agree with you about what you see and notice when you’re walking, as opposed to getting around any other way, but the main thing is that you do something people forget is possible, which is to say hello to complete strangers on the street, have a conversation, maybe come away knowing something you didn’t before. It was just great seeing how these suspicious people would melt once you explained what you were doing and it was clear you weren’t there to hurt anyone, take anything, you were just doing a thing you felt was important to do, and people responded. This is the nicest thing I’ve seen in a movie in I don’t know how long. I actually started out a little sour, thinking oh, look at that guy, walking like he can just walk anywhere, but there was that recognition partway through that not everyone can do it, and it was very open — and by the end I was like, you know what, I’m glad someone can walk around and be left in peace, and if it has to be someone, I’m glad it’s this guy. He’s not out to bother anybody, he’s just looking around, and he really sees things.

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