Day 3693

Still at it!

February 8th, 2022

I'm slowly making my way through my massive backlog of photos from 2015 to the present. See below for the most recent posts; I'm currently working on September 11, 2015.

In other news, webmaster/wizard Jason Eppink has created a new photo map showing the location of every picture I've posted. The map will be continually updated as I add more photos to the site.


  1. Jjak says:

    Welcome back Matt!

    • Ficus Elastica says:

      Watching your Doc right now Matt! I’d love to sample your audio for my album titled “outsider reflections”. I hope that’s ok with you .

      Thank you for your inspirational and creative actions.


      Ficus Elastica

  2. This past spring I took up the challenge and I decided to walk, photograph and blog every street in my own town. Luckily my town only has a population of just over 3000, but I still don’t think I will finish yet this fall. I totally understand though about getting a backlog of pictures! I’ve taken as many as 40 in a one hour walk! Can’t wait to see more of your pictures and hear more of your stories.

    • Carlos Molyneaux says:

      Saw the documentary last night. I thought your project very inspiring! Thought about emulate you and walk Madrid (Spain). Ha, ha. Keep the good work. Great photos also! Thank you for doing what you do, and doing it how you do it.

  3. Karen Too says:

    No worries, Matt. :-)

    Since living in upstate NY for 5 years now, I have taken over 13,000 photos. (Of course, not all are keepers, but you get my point.)

    If I had to do a history on each of only the good ones, I might never get caught up!

    As always, I am loving all of your posts and photos.

    Right now, I am particularly enjoying the series from May 10, 2014.

    It’s part of NYC that I never got around to visiting in my many years living in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  4. Gigi says:

    It’s okay, Matt, we understand! I walk just every weekend and haven’t uploaded my August and part of July photos yet, how much more if I walk every day so I totally get it. And then there’s the research behind each post, so hats off to you!

    Walk at your own pace, we’re gladly walking along with you.

  5. Mark McClure says:

    Hi Matt,

    I discovered your blog today. You’re inspiring!! Thanks.

    Over the past few years, I’ve been exploring many neighborhoods, on foot, in Portland, OR. My walks are generally without purpose, which I enjoy. I haven’t tracked my miles’s, but I’m guessing I’m in the 1,000’s now. My daily walks are 5-10 miles, and my weekend walks usually range from 10-15 miles.

    I’ve also taken 1,000’s of snapshots. I favor snapshots that show the character, color, quirkiness, etc in Portland (think Portlandia). Right now, I’m also using my snapshots to call out some egregious (IMO) neighborhood development happening in Portland.

    Finally, since I take lots of snapshots on my walks, I definitely recognize the challenge of selecting, organizing, posting, etc. A while back, I considered a photo blog. In the end, however, I just decided to tweet some along the way (@WalkingInOregon) and post to Flickr after each walk.


  6. Chris says:

    Did ya see the article in the Times about ‘The Knowledge’? I couldn’t help thinking about Matt.

  7. Dave Mills says:

    Hello Matt,
    I’m a long way from NYC but continue to enjoy your journey. Thanks for taking all of us along. Happy Holidays from Jackson, Wyoming.

  8. tom says:

    keep up the good work…enjoy walking along with you…if only in spirit

  9. Looking forward to the updates. Many years from now your blog will be unique portrait of our beloved city.

  10. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Matt- this is a huge project you set for yourself. I just looked at the map. Who would have thought. And the photos. This is a New York City that no one has seen in its entirety.

  11. Pasquale says:

    :) Glad to see you didn’t abandon it – eagerly awaiting for you to go through the town I grew up in to see what you find. Hint; you’ll find the only farm in NYC.

  12. Robert says:

    So happy that you decided to do this. I made a comment a long time ago giving you hope and inspiration for waht you were doing and I just happened across your path again. So I wish you well and thanks for capturing the beauty of our country.

  13. Chris says:

    Hey Matt,

    Have you finished with your walk? I was just wondering if you might consider another across the country walk at some point in a different path?

  14. Scott says:

    Matt…..I followed your first journey and it was incredible….I mentioned years ago you should compile a book….have you considered that? Your story and photos would be compelling to many people…..even if you self-publish, you have a following which may help you sell many books……just saying……L8R

  15. Kier from Oregon says:

    Welcome back Matt, I hadn’t seen your work for a while so was very pleased this morning to see you are still out there doing an amazing job of capturing the wonderful sights of NYC. David and I wish you happy trails and looking forward to catching up on your adventures! Take care

    PS Hi to the folks

    • Lv says:

      I noticed your website in a magzine. I’m a chinese schoolboy.I have learned a lot from your trips.I hope your trips will be always interesting!

  16. Mark McGuire says:

    Hi Matt

    I’ve just discovered the articles and video of your meeting with William Helmreich (@NYNobodyKnows) I’m enjoying your photos and William’s Instagram photos: Do you have a Twitter or Instagram account? You can publish your photos to Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr simultaneously. I’m sure there also are other ways to streamline the process. I just think you could spread your story and images further and faster. I tried a small experiment two years ago (

    All the best from New Zealand.

    Mark McGuire

    • melonie says:

      So jealous you’re my hero
      ! Thank you I can’t wait to be there I only hope I get to meet you someday! Stay safe and keep on walking!

  17. Maggi says:

    Just discovered you while I’m sitting in an auto shop waiting room watching RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Good going!!!

  18. Elizabeth from Brooklyn says:

    Hi there Matt — Learned about you from a NY Times article that The Tenement Museum posted in an email. So thought I would take a look at your blog and photos. I think what I like most about your photos is how they show the NY we see every day. Unlike photos that just want to be pretty, you show reality. Best of luck on your walk-about. Elizabeth

  19. Chris says:

    Hey Matt! Nice seeing you in the New Yorker video!

  20. Joe says:

    Glad to have you back. I was walkin’ through the Bronx with my son a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking about you. Keep up the great work!-JOE

  21. Mike says:

    Assuming you haven’t keeled over in the last six months since your most recent post, that means you are still walking and uncovering city secrets, and I’m still cheering you on and keeping tabs. Hope all’s well!

  22. joel says:

    I am walking all of the streets in my neighborhoods here in Southern Brooklyn, I completed 2 neighborhoods, and am planning a 16 mile walk for Thanksgiving, which would be my longest. Your achievements are exceptional and I commend you for them, both this project and the across america walking.

  23. Karen Too says:

    To those who celebrate it, wishing you all a safe, peaceful, Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

  24. Luz says:

    I have met with but one or two persons in the course of my life who understood the art of Walking, that is, of taking walks — who had a genius, so to speak, for sauntering, which word is beautifully derived “from idle people who roved about the country, in the Middle Ages, and asked charity, under pretense of going a la Sainte Terre, to the Holy Land, till the children exclaimed, “There goes a Sainte-Terrer,” a Saunterer, a Holy-Lander. They who never go to the Holy Land in their walks, as they pretend, are indeed mere idlers and vagabonds; but they who do go there are saunterers in the good sense, such as I mean. Some, however, would derive the word from sans terre, without land or a home, which, therefore, in the good sense, will mean, having no particular home, but equally at home everywhere. For this is the secret of successful sauntering. He who sits still in a house all the time may be the greatest vagrant of all; but the saunterer, in the good sense, is no more vagrant than the meandering river, which is all the while sedulously seeking the shortest course to the sea.
    No wealth can buy the requisite leisure, freedom, and independence which are the capital in this profession… It requires a direct dispensation from Heaven to become a walker.

  25. BJL says:

    Matt, you’re almost 90% of the way along your quest! As one of the many in the online world cheering you along, I want to say that your vision, persistence and determination are remarkable.

  26. Shannon says:


    So strange that your most recent post after a bit of being away was today! I was just going through my blog and came across a post I had written about you contacting me and telling me a story of inspiration and that I had come to your mind during a difficult time in your life. I came to your blog to say Hi and see you posted today! Very strange coincidence :)

    Glad to see you’re still at it, and I’m absolutely blown away by your walking map! Keep on truckin’ my friend.


  27. Gigi says:

    Great to see the map almost filled with those red lines! Way to go Matt!

  28. Sandi says:

    Matt, do you ever regret beginning this journey?

  29. Chris says:

    You are in the home stretch!

  30. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi Matt! I’ve been following you since the beginning of your walk across the U.S. (a long time). I love your pictures and the stories & history. Do you have an “I’m Just Walking” facebook page that you update also?

  31. Joseph Marino says:

    Hey Matt:
    I’m glad you are still chugging along. I’ve been following you since your article in the NY TIMES about your walk through NYC. Keep it up.
    Enjoy NYC in the Fall.

  32. Catherine says:

    Hello Matt,
    I have been following your trip in New York since the begenning. I congratulate you.
    You make me travel in a city that perhaps I shall never see. Too far, too expensive and I am quite old.
    Excuse me for the grammatical errors, I write you from France, from Lyon, the third city of my little country.
    Thank you for the so specific view you have of the “big apple” and follow walking, “bon vent” like we say in France.

  33. Gena says:

    So glad you came to our little town this weekend. I find your project so interesting and I love the fact that you’re “just walking” You have encouraged me to look a little deeper and appreciate a little more. I wish you all the best with this quest and I will definitely be following your progress.

  34. Nose Knows says:

    The real question is are you now walking instead of walkin’ ? Have you been spending too much time uptown?

  35. Thom Hessel says:

    Still follow your blog daily dude, even if no photo updates I still check in! It’s so great, thanks for doing it!

  36. Aussie Brad says:

    Hi Matt,

    The red lines on your map are filling up. There are pockets here and there but the majority of your unexplored area is on Staten Island. Given that you are a Staten Island native are you intending to finish up somewhere there (maybe with an ocean plunge similar to your Rockaway Beach escapade) or are you intending to finish in an iconic location (Battery Park, Broadway or Wall St perhaps?)

    • Cindyk says:

      Also the Upper West Side of Manhattan has some gaps…we should get a pool going on where the last street will be!

  37. Connie Kaloydis says:

    I check Daily for new Photos. Thanks for still sharing.

  38. Betty Edwards says:

    So happy to see your recent post, and hear that you are still walking. I follow you from Ottawa (Canada).

  39. Chaser1 says:

    Hi Matt, not sure if you remember me from your walk across the nation, specifically Montana. Good to see that you’re still doing this. Seems you’ve been busy. Have you thought of doing another jaunt across the nation, maybe with a small group? I think it would make for either a great story, video biography or book! Different people and backgrounds all with a common goal. Even better, why not contact a studio and see if they would be interested in documenting it? (Kinda like a reality show, but not quite as cheesy.)

    Somewhat excited to see what you have in store for New York. But Im more excited to see the nation again, Im sure many would agree, we can relate more to your journey.

    Best regards,
    Chaserone (AKA Wardo)

    • Mary McCanna says:

      HI Matt. Can’t believe you’re still at it. I met you when you stayed at our place when you walked across the US. Best wishes and stay safe!

  40. Chris says:

    Matt, are you almost done?!?! That map looks like only Midtown Manhattan is left. When is the party?

  41. Gale & Laura says:

    Hiya, Matt!

    We are so glad that you are nearing the end of your NYC walk-through and that you are safe and sound, as well. Your blog is always entertaining and full of historical tidbits, anecdotes, and worth-a-thousand-words photos. In an e-mail we sent your way several years ago (really, has it been that long?!), Laura and I shared a little about our experience driving cross-country, while you were walking across the country. Whether driven or walked, we believe the journey is much more important than the destination.

    Some years ago (when Laura was still in elementary school), I had the good fortune to see NYC, using plane, helicopter, bus, taxi, and my feet. It was an amazing experience! And I learned more during that adventure than I had in my life up to that time. So many firsts — I finally stepped aboard a plane, took a helicopter over Manhattan (yes, I took pictures of the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty, etc.), saw an OFF-Broadway show, visited the BIG Museum (I wanted to spend the night there!), shopped at Macy’s, etc., had a drink at the Waldorf, met a hotel wait-person who became an actor (seen mostly on TV), and dined with a well-known mystery author. But by far, the best time I had in NYC was while I was walking the streets, riding the buses, or taking the taxis — whenever I was able to talk with the people. I will never forget the people I met there!

    Your walk may be taking longer than you thought it would, but just think of all the memories you are making. Thank you, Matt, for caring and sharing your walk-throughs and experiences with us.

    Take care, and continued safe walking!

    Gale and Laura

  42. Thom says:

    Hey Matt we’re still with you buddy! Keep it up!

  43. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    I was thinking about you and your walking over the weekend. So good to see you’re still walking and posting pictures. Now I have to catch up on looking at them! :-)

    • Saun in Ohio says:

      Hi Julie, it’s Saun in Ohio (Dayton). I don’t know if you stayed friends with Don Watson our fearless leader who we called Mayor. Our good friend passed away last Monday 2/26/18 he had a massive heart attack while going for his daily walk. We became friends through Matt’s site and continued our friendship on Facebook.
      Hope all is well with you

      Saun in Ohio

      • Jeff In Joisy says:

        Hi – Julie – Hi Saun – Hello Matt!!!!!!

        Yup it’s me. First my deepest sympathies on Don. I remember him well (as you two both) and our ventures with Matt over the years. My wife said she got a mail from Matt’s website – not sure why – but I decided to see if it was still out there and I see you gals. I’ve yet to see or catch Matt walking in the city but then again it is a big city. You got to love a man with a purpose and a goal and making that goal happen. I do miss all of you and Matt’s adventures. But you know – life happens – kids grow old -and we move on… but to see this thing still going – makes me quite glad. Peace to all. Safe travels Matt. I will stop by again more often.
        Don’s historical posts and commentary was a favorite of mine

  44. Saun in Ohio says:

    Hi Matt, just wanted to let you know our fearless leader Don Watson aka Mayor past away this pastMonday 2/ 26/18

  45. A friend sent this because I biked 10,000 miles in two years and thought I’d be interested. Walking half an hour a day myself, and it’s in some ways harder. Anyway, great efforts and site!

    • Thomas B Mcgrattan says:

      Saw the trailer for the movie you are in..let people know it’s out there so they can support it.

  46. KK says:

    Brilliant read always. Been following your blog for years now. Thank you.

  47. :j says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Matt-y!

  48. Maryann Smith says:

    Where are you walking now. I am a original fan from 3 or more years ago.

  49. Jim says:

    Hey Matt, I need more updates or you’re going to have to change this website to

  50. Aussie Brad says:

    Hi Matt,

    It’s been a while since you’ve posted anything. I hope that everything is OK with you and your family.
    I have been following you on and off (mostly on) since 2010 during your original walk across the continent and have always enjoyed the unique perspective you bring to your blog. I hope that you finish your epic trek through the burroughs of New York. Being half a world away in Melbourne Australia (and no chance of getting there anytime soon) I certainly appreciate the way you bring the city to life. I love the way you show minatae of everyday NYC life that movies, TV and the like do not capture. I certainly hope that you complete your quest. Your magnum opus deserves a fitting finale.

  51. Mary McCanna says:

    My husband just asked me this morning, ‘whatever happened to that guy who camped out in the front yard that was walking across the US?’ I said I’d look him up because he was walking thru all five boroughs of NY. Sure enough, still at it, I think. I wonder how you stay track for the day and then walk home or what? Doesn’t seem like it would be safe to pitch a tent. Safe travels. Interesting take on a city, culture, and borders so different from anything us country folks could imagine.

  52. David says:

    If you hop down a block on one foot, do you have to go back and do it again with the other?

  53. Joy says:

    Hi Matt,
    You may be a worthless bum or you may be a young man still searching. I don’t care much as either part of you should be blessed. Today I watched a movie about your walk. One of my friends thought you should get up of your friends’ couches and get a job. The other and I found your journey thought provoking and inspiring. Glad you had the guts to do this. I learnt a lot about New York and about people. I’m surprised that you remained safe, but thankful that you did. Be thankful that you are not the Jamaican walker who needs to “dress so he is not threatening.” In today’s world, feel blessed that you are who you are, and use your platform to help those of us who would like to but cannot walk the way you do.

    I will continue to follow you on your journey!


  54. Gigi says:

    Hey Matt! Just heard about The World Before Your Feet. Congratulations! So awesome they made a movie about your adventures, can’t wait to see it!

    For those interested, here’s the link to the trailer ..

  55. Creuza Simionatto says:

    Hi, Matt. I just heard on BBC about your movie on walking NYC blocks. You’ve got an instant fan. I now live in Brazil but lived in Manhattan and the Bronx for 30 years. Used my weekends to walk in the parks and trails around NYC. Sometimes would walk from 63rd St to Chinatown. Your posts will allow me to revisit places that I love and get to know those I could never visit. Thank you for the wonderful idea. You should get Universal Basic Income for doing this.
    Be safe!

  56. Luz says:

    Hey Matt, just saw the movie and enjoyed it so much. Nice to hear you include Ralph and Miss Kitty in your memories. I also enjoyed the walk from Grand Central to the Quad and back. Cheers!

  57. Dan says:

    Hi Matt, also saw the movie and was inspired to read through your blog while procrastinating at work. One personal discovery: the Street View Time Machine feature, I had no idea!

    On a separate note, I wonder if you have control over how the hyperlinks are rendered on the blog? If you have access to the HTML, you should consider adding target=”_blank” so links open in a new tab, This would make the reading experience + references more seamless. More info:

  58. Marina says:

    Just saw the movie last night and was very moved and inspired! Also so nice that you, Jeremy and Jesse were present to answer questions, post-screening.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a lifelong New Yorker, but the film seems like a valentine to NYC just when we desperately need one. Feeling better about my (expensive, overdeveloped but still magical) city today…

    Now I will peruse — and undoubtedly spend hours and hours on — your beautiful blog.

    Thanks and cheers!

  59. Jon Cohen says:

    just saw the movie for the 2nd time this morning. i think you’re amazing; you’re a real life folk hero…like a modern day Johnny Appleseed! & there’s something so wonderful about covering that kind of mileage & variety of terrain without the hassle of air travel.

  60. Michael Schwenk says:

    I saw the movie at the Quad Cinema today. It was great!! I was hooked right away from the opening shot; walking south on Main Street in Flushing, towards Roosevelt Avenue. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see a caption saying it was Flushing, but I knew.

    Question: Did you walk Grand Central Parkway, Cross Bronx expressway, etc. ?

  61. Martin says:

    Hey Matt,

    i see your History in our big Newsletter in Germany.

    My great Respect for you.

    I wish you have some Power to make your Goal!

    Have a nice Day, Keep it up and watch out!


  62. PAUL SUSI says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just saw The World Before Your Feet at the Huntington Cinema Arts theater and Jeremy Workman was there to answer questions and talk about the film. It was a hit. Glad I found your blog!


  63. Pris says:

    Saw your film at The Calgary International Film Festival January Doc Soup last night. It is truly inspirational and eye-opening. Thank you for sharing your experience. Will be following your footsteps.

  64. Bernie Maengen says:

    My husband and I loved the film. We visit N.Y regularly and feel inspired to take some walking tours next time we are there. Keep walking so we can see the sequel!


  65. Sio Hill says:

    Just saw your documentary. So amazing what you did.
    I have walked the two main streets in my city Toronto. Yonge and Bloor
    I’m now inspired to walk even more streets and maybe the not so obvious ones.

  66. Bob Hall says:

    Matt, saw your film in Portland OR last night. Wow! What an inspiration! I’m a member of a few volkswalk clubs and get out into the neighborhoods and countryside of the greater Portland area several times a week. I can totally relate to the benefits of seeing so much more while walking than whizzing by in a car.

  67. Xavier Ripoll (Barcelona) says:

    Congratulations for your Blog!

  68. Frank Rodriguez says:

    The film mentions two romantic relationships that ended because your goals, such as walking, are more important to you than those relationships. Relationships must be symmetrical to be sustainable.

  69. Marianne Schall says:

    Matt. Just saw your film at Reel Stories in Barrie. What a fun intro from Florida. We all groaned as outside of the theatre we have high winds and snow. Great film and certainly inspirational to keep exploring this great world starting in our own backyards. I have walked for years and the discoveries are endless. Now I will happily read your blog from the beginning. Keep on walking!

    • Frank Rodriguez says:

      Marianne Schall, you should comment on Matt’s walking obsession bordering on dysfunction. Do not romanticize what Matt is doing.

      • Hey Matt!
        My person and I just saw your film in Portland, OR. It was emotional for me. The simplicity of it. And of life. Rolled in with the endlessness of rich history, beauty, and thriving life. It was intense. It invited me to slow down and enjoy this, right now. Thank you for sharing your journey, Matt Green, as well as your commitment to doing you.

  70. Mark McClure says:

    Hi Matt,

    I missed your film when it came to Portland but I plan to watch it at home. Based on the YT trailer I just watched, it looks very good. Congratulations!

    A few updates since my 2014 post. I’m coming up on 10 years exploring Portland on foot. I stopped tracking my mileage years ago. Now, I just ramble. Late last year, I bailed out of my social media accounts @WalksInPortland, for all of the reasons you might expect. I’m now just posting my photos on my website and Flickr (recently rebooted). Anyway, if you get to Portland and want to explore the region on foot, let me know. I can provide some tips. Contact –

    Mark McClure

  71. eric mcentee says:

    The path is only in your walking – St Francis
    Many thanks for your story! Keep going!

  72. Julie Head says:

    Saw your documentary tonight! Fascinating! Loved it! I love NYC and visit often. I now realize that I’ve missed many areas (and details) of the city that I would love to explore. I couldn’t help but think how different your experience would be if you were female. Perhaps you would not even be able to do it due to safety concerns? I appreciated hearing about the experience in the film that the black walker had and how it was different from yours. Good luck with your continued work on this project. Feel free to quit if that makes you happy. You are not obligated to us and we appreciate all you have already done. Julie from Indiana.

  73. Thom Hessel says:

    Am I blind? I had no idea you made a documentary. I will def check it out, and look forward to new pictures!

  74. Joe Meehan says:

    Enjoying watching World before your feet! Very informative fun time capsule . Will
    Definitely become amclassic. Thank you Matt
    Green for your journey and sharing.

  75. Sandi says:

    thanks, Matt. Glad you posted your reasons for disappearing

  76. Hannah says:

    Hey Matt,

    Just watched your film. Loved it. Really dig that you take photos of barbar shops. Why? Because they are interesting. There is a certain beauty in signage… it is interesting! I take photos of stuff I find on the street and post where I found it. I can’t you why exactly…. but it is kind of interesting.

    Love what you are doing,


  77. Just finished watching ‘World Before’ in Hamilton Ontario Canada at the Playhouse Cinema. As a fellow walker, there were so many parts where I thought “I so get that”. Also enjoyed the video you prepared for us. LOVED the shout out. Dude you rock.

  78. Heather Carter says:

    Loved the documentary, love your mission. You’re inspiring.

  79. Geoff Sakala says:

    Matt, just watched The World Before Your Feet, great job. I think you found your mission in life, walk the world and tell the stories of what you’ve found. I think it would be fascinating to spread this to other cities and continue creating this walkopedia of the world. The work you’re driven to do and document combines history, architecture, horticulture, anthropology and so much more which is refreshing in today’s world of flashy, big budget blockbusters. Keep it up, I’d love to help!

  80. Hi Matt, it was so nice meeting you at Denton’s Thinline Festival. Your journey is very inspiring. It made me question my own “journey” in life to think what really makes me happy. Every time you met someone on your walk it brought me joy to know humanity is still out there. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the “did you know” knowledge you gained. I can’t wait to see the rest of your walk.
    Best wishes and tireless steps!

  81. Karen Too says:

    Hello Matt and Everyone else here.

    It has been far too long since I came over here to catch up, leave a comment.

    So sorry to hear about Mayor Don. Condolences to his family, friends, all who knew him.

    On a lighter note, huge congrats to Matt on the movie. I had no idea and can’t wait to watch it.

    It is way past time he got such recognition.

    Here is someone else walking across America:

    I wonder if he has seen this site. :-)

    Happiness, good health, joy, and more such fine things to all here.

  82. Elaine Simon says:

    Just saw the documentary– I am total awe of the dedication and inspiration of Matt– as a result I have learned that a woman in my own City of Hamilton Ontario also walked all the streets here=== Amazing !!
    Keep true to your values !!
    On a sad note I was dismayed at the black man who had to follow a strict regime because of his colour !!

  83. Jon says:

    Hi Matt! Finally had a chance to see the documentary last night. It was fantastic, and it reminded me how much I miss reading your blog updates. Looking forward to catching up on your travels!

  84. Natalia says:

    Hey Matt! Today I watched a documentary about you at the cinema in Warsaw (Poland). A beautiful thing! Good luck!

  85. Cindy Kleiman says:

    Congratulations on “The World Before Your Feet” – very well-done! Looking forward to your future posts. Been a long time.

  86. Richard says:

    Such an enjoyable celebration of diversity and life !

    Thanks Matt

  87. I’ve lived in a few cities across the US and I’ve walked in them as much as I have time. I will continue to so so. A friend of mine, an old roommate from NC, turned me onto to the film and blog recently so I’m new to this project. I love this project and hope to dig into this blog’s rabbit hole when I’m able. I wonder when there will be a complete east coast to west coast trail?

  88. Kristen Neumann says:

    I’m watching the doc as I’m typing this and I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to be living vicariously for a while! I love that there are still people around that get so excited about a fig tree growing in a garbage can. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the journey!

  89. Jody Lee says:

    Hi Matt – I just discovered you and your wonderful story via Prime Video. Just want to say hello and that you rock!! So glad I found your blog. I’ll explore all your travels around an incredible part of the world because you have graciously documented them here. I’ve always liked NYC and am thrilled to learn intimate details about it and those that call it home. All the best to you – Jody

  90. Marcel says:

    Hi Matt! Just saw your documentary and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to see more like this from you in the future! All the best from Greece!

  91. Peter Jaskierny says:

    It’s great to hear from you again after the long and successful run of your fascinating documentary! It continues to be as amazing as ever! Best wishes to you….
    Peter J.

  92. Dash says:

    Hi Matt, You’re getting a lot more comments these days, aren’t you! I just watched the documentary and enjoyed it. I think you have done things more important and meaningful than most people ever will. I’ll never go and walk around in New York, but you let me share your experience. i always perceived New York as being very noisy, crowded and dangerous. Walking along with you (and the unsung hero, the videographer with you), I felt that it was a far more friendly or at least livable place than I imagined. You found the beauty in it by taking time just to be there and notice. Your photo collection is important. The fact that you took the time to research and blog made the film so interesting and enriching. You didn’t let anyone tell you how it “should” be done, and thus you created something unique. Thanks for doing this and for sharing. You may not get rich (although I hope you do well), but you have certainly created a legacy for yourself. You have found a different way to live and experience and enjoy life – better than being unhappy at a desk job. Good for you! Wishing you the best as you continue your interesting life!

  93. Sarah-Jayne says:

    Watched the documentary and loved it. I lived in NYC for 3 years [Long Island City) between 2014 and 2017. Watching this made me miss it so much. Love the details and the research, I visited cemeteries like Green-Wood, walked round the rim of Manhattan with the shorewalkers and really tried to get to know the city, but it’s such a tiny part I saw. I miss walking the streets and the vibe of the city. Now I don’t need to read any more books I’m going to read your blog ;-)
    Donated 2 days of living expenses so I know there’s at least 2 more days of walking you’ll do!

  94. Cale Stultz says:

    Just finished watching “The World Before Your Feet”. Inspiring! New York, though bustling, seems to be your Walden Pond. Amazing that you kept finding hidden treasures.

  95. Lee says:

    I loved the film!! It’s poignant and uplifting and good medicine for a weary heart and soul. xoxoxo

  96. Jessie Weis says:

    Hi Matt, today is August 30, 2019, and I just fnished watching your documentary. Just a few thoughts:

    1) Loved that you had walked to Rockaway, OR. I am currently from Astoria, OR, and rented a house in Rockaway Beach for my daughter’s wedding 6 years ago. I am always When I look something in Astoria, OR, up on Google, I often forget to put the “OR” in and get stuff from New York. So, it was interesting to me to see Rockaway there, as well.

    2) When I was younger, and moved to a new city, I would always start walking it to really see the neighborhoods, architecture, and people. It’s interesting that people some people would think what you are doing is useless, because to my mind, we are alive to witness the life around us. I enjoyed your documentation of what you saw, learned about it, and the people you met. I also loved your willingness to live a simpler life than most others. You seem very happy with your life, so I consider it a huge success.

    3) Throughout your documentary, I did not see any homeless people lining the streets, which is something I see a lot of here in Oregon, and have seen in Portland, as well as LA, Long Beach, WA, etc. Surely there must be homeless folks in NY? The scene that made me realize I wasn’t seeing any in the documentary was when you were walking through a big snow storm, and you got the message on your phone saying cars had to be off the street. So, now I am wondering: Where are the homeless?

    Okay, that’s it. Main message I wanted to express was just a big thanks! My legs and lungs were affected by 3 strokes which I had annually for a short period, before finding the cause. My balance was also affected, so I had started a plan to walk 5 miles every day that I didn’t work in order to regain my balancee and strengthen my legs. However, my legs got more painful and weaker, so I have stopped walking much at all. Just recently discovered some (maybe all?) of that was caused by a medication which I just stopped. Which makes me think seeing the documentary was synchronicity, and I should start planning on walking my city again. So, keep on keeping on. Someday in the far future, someone is gonna find your blog and the documentary and you are going to become as a guy in the early 2000s who realized it was important to preserve their his observations for posterity. The docuntary and some of your notes will probably be put in a time capsule for even more-future generations. How fun!

  97. Marty says:

    Hi Matt, through my somewhat illegal USA Amazon Prime account, I picked your documentary to watch tonight.

    Toddler sound asleep, it is a rainy night in The Netherlands, guess summer is getting to an end over here.
    I have never been a great fan of NYC because it is such a huge, noisy beehive of a city.
    However, your walk has certainly highlighted many areas that I have never seen before but wished I would have!
    Unknowingly, we drove past the biggest tree when cruising down the Long Island expwy a few weeks ago, on our way to Springs for our summer vacation.
    Guess I can quote Calvin and Hobbes; “there’s treasure everywhere”.
    Thanks for your very impressive and informative documentary, it made my evening!

    Kind regards from The Netherlands, keep on walking.

  98. TJ says:

    My dreams usually consist of bits and pieces of my days. In the Doc you have no home- you are couchsurfing, pet-sitting, etc. I wondered “when he dreams, does he not have a destination- a home base, however humble? Maybe hidden hideaways or secluded nature spots in the middle of this vast metropolis… Do his worries manifest as Dead end streets, or being lost?”

    It’s a free life, untethered, but also perhaps without basic psychological grounding while you live it.
    “In a place, but also moving…” , as you say.

    I think it shows a great explorer spirit. And If anyone says that you are not contributing to society, just tell ’em you are adding valuable experiences to the collective unconsciousness of us all!

  99. Deborah F. says:

    Hi Matt! Totally enjoyed the movie. And I though I walked a lot. I wish I would’ve crossed your path as you trekked through my neighborhood; on the surface, it seems like we have a lot in common. I totally would’ve tipped ou off on some novelties in my ‘hood. Anyways, keep up the trot. It’s a fascinating project.

  100. Bartłomiej Krzywania says:

    I so disappointed – I have just got to know I cannot rent nor buy the documentary from outside of US. I live in Poland. That is very strange the companies does not want my money….
    I have watch the documentary earlier this year in a cinema. Now I wanted to do it again and show it to my fiance.
    Now I see I cannot.

    Maybe you can do something do change it. Confining it arbitrarily to single part of the world seems ridiculous especially in case of such an universal, teaching, and uplifting story as yours… ;-)

    With best regards,

  101. Karen says:

    Matt, I watched the documentary last night and was blown away. Will tell everyone I know about this film! Will try & follow along here but I don’t have internet access at home so…

  102. Sergey says:

    Hi, Matt!
    Warm greetings from Russia.
    Oct 15th watched movie about your walking and Q&A with director of the film.
    It was very impressive: your story and cities line.
    May be someone in others megapolis ‘ll make same challenge, Moscow… who knows…
    Hope your way ‘ll be continuing after your finishing your walk in NYC.

  103. Moosey says:

    Matt, just watched the movie. I was totally engaged. Good work. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  104. cindyk says:

    Hi, Matt, wondering when you will take up your daily blogging again…I miss it! Documentary was terrific, kudos to you.

  105. Trish says:

    Hi Matt,

    Greetings from Australia!

    I have truly enjoyed following your New York and cross-country meanderings. Your take on the mundane and routine goings-on in suburbia and NYC is engaging and inciteful. I especially loved your quirkier finds. Your blog inspires all to explore beyond the superficial and trite tourist attractions to delve into the ordinary and not-so ordinary sights comprising a metropolis.

    Your blog has given me a taste of life in the Big Apple, which I would love to visit one day.

    Keep on Just Walkin’!

  106. Seb says:

    Hi Matt, saw your film in Munich yesterday and it´s great! Checking out your homepage right now and lovin it! Go on, walk on, I love what you´re doing! Great idea, fantastic movie” Thank you from Germany!!!

  107. Thom Hessel says:

    Matt! I check your site daily for new pics. Looking forward to updates!! Congrats on the success!!

  108. Greg says:


    I’ve been following your journeys since your walk across the US. My wife and I watched ‘The World Before Your Feet’ last night and it was a great documentary as well as insight into your walking. We were particularly impressed with your visit to the classroom and your describing of being able to take in so much more of your surroundings when walking through an area. Stay safe!

  109. Patrick D says:

    I found about William Helmreich’s death on reddit:

    I was born and grew up in Brooklyn (Sunset Park) for 6 years. Though out of town, I always want to learn about my city. This work will not go in vain.

    My condolences.

  110. Andrew VC says:

    Hi, Matt,

    We just watched your documentary and, in a way, an ode to NYC – especially poignant as we are the epicenter of this pandemic, which leads me to my next question: how are you quarantining as you do not have a permanent residence? Did you leave the city or able to stay with friends?

    My partner and I joked that we’d let you stay and watch our cats when we traveled.

    Stay safe and thank you for introducing us to parts of the city we never ventured into – and my waking memory is here in the city but many parts I’ve never been to.


  111. Nicole Chalawich says:

    I can’t thank you enough for bringing New York to me!!!!❤❤
    I have never been.
    What a wonderful Mothers Day surprise to find your documentary!!!
    Keep walking!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers, sending you so much love and positive vibes!!!!

  112. cindyk says:

    Hi, Matt, so nice to see posts again after all this time! I was worried you were not going to finish your project. Also, loved your film!

  113. Brad says:

    Hi Matt,

    It absolutely made my day to see your latest post. I have been distraught at the way this year has been panning out and your post certainly lifted my mood. Please don’t stop! Your accepting, tolerant and enquiring nature has been sorely missed in these uncertain times. In my mind you are a beacon for all that is good in the world.

    Keep on walking!

  114. Jeff says:

    Just saw your movie for the first time. Loved it.

  115. Doug says:

    “I don’t have to know what the puzzle is before I started.”. Words to live by, Matt. Keep it going!!

  116. JB says:

    We just the saw the movie, fascinating, loved it. I LOVE NY! Thanks for portraying the 9/11 memorials so well.

  117. Kiki says:

    I am a 50ish southern girl intrigued by NYC. In 1976, I got to walk in Philadelphia, PA. at 200 yr Birthday of America Parade with Girl Scouts. Then to NYC… I was saddened to see The Statue of Liberty is Green (my 13 yr old self thought all statues were white)! Lol … In my 40s, I was at top of Empire State Bldg at 12 am. Magnificent. My Bucket List is to Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center and walk the sidewalk of Wall St during the 9am hustle of a weekday to feel the NYC energy of the beginning of a work day, lastly walk a bit of Central Park (all during the Christmas Season). I am intrigued to now read your daily blog from beginning. The history you share is amazing! Thank you for your documentary. Kiki (I also like the mystery of graveyards. Wish there were buttons on the stones to tell the “good” things of each life. A computer would have to be set up for your life!! Great job… I will be reading!

  118. :jspn says:

    hello Matt-y! you take care out yonder

  119. tom says:

    Just thought of you and checked in…even the pandemic cant touch you!

  120. Where are you Matt? We just watched The Workd Before Your Feet and were wondering how you’re doing and what you’re doing
    Currently. Hope you’re staying safe from CoVid!!

  121. European says:

    I just saw the movie and wanted to say, that you are an inspiration for mankind. It’s just so inspiring to see all these people and kindness…
    God bless you!

  122. Kadri says:


    just vaatasin sõbraga Su dokumentaali, imetore! Oleme temaga ka mõlemad jalutajad, kuid mitte nii pühendunud ja süstemaatilised, noh võibolla tema on :).

    Tervitused Eestist!

    K. ja S.

  123. Richard Kremer says:

    Thank you Matt for documenting your journeys. Since seeing your movie I have gone through every year/month on your website and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed walking through Boston and its suburbs in a similar fashion back in late 1990s when I went to school there.

  124. Yaboi says:

    Have you now finished? I heard you were at 95% in 2019

  125. Jamie says:

    Just wanted to see how you were doing? What are you up to these days?

    • justin says:

      Dear matt
      Thank you for taking us with you on your lovely walk through NYC. You were an amazing tour guide.

      All the best

  126. Matt S says:

    Hey Matt thank you for sharing your inspirational journey in all the ground before your feet! Good luck man

  127. Mel M. says:

    Matt, I do hope all is well with you. Worried about your absence for nearly a year.

  128. I started walking and exploring the streets of NYC as well. I will continue to walk, record and keep uploading the videos on my YouTube channel as long as it takes. You definitely inspired so many of us. I will see you at the end of my Journey. Thank you Matt.

  129. Bob Reese says:

    What you’ve produced is amazing. Hope you are able to finish the project — both the walking and the processing of the huge backlog.

  130. Thomas Hessel says:

    still here Matt! Looking forward to new pics when you have them!

  131. Omar says:

    Happy you’re back Matt! I saw your documentary film recently and I have to say that it’s one of the most memorable, inspiring and fascinating films I’ve ever seen. It genuinely moved me. Hope you’re doing well and wish you the best of luck!

  132. Alex says:

    I saw a screening of your documentary, The World Before Your Feet, at the Cary Theater in June 2019. Since then I have been slowly working my way through every single page of your blog. I finally caught up today, after almost 3 years of off-and-on reading. Truly appreciate you taking the time to share your journey and weaving in interesting facts and history. Looking forward to future updates!

  133. Lake says:

    Thank you Matt, I just watched your doc

  134. Ethan says:

    I see there has not been an update posted in over a year. Is this project finished? Somehow, it seems fitting that the project should just fade away in an indeterminate way, rather than attempting to delimit and draw something from it forcibly and ineptly. The unyielding flow of stories and meanings has no overarching point, at least not one we can nearly package and stick in our pockets for when we most desire to slake our thirst for wisdom. Be sure to attend to your knees.

  135. Sandra Sue says:

    I’m not sure exactly where else to post these kind of things but my message to you overall; I have just watched The World Before Your Feet. It is beautiful and calming and inspiring in the most simplistic of ways. So I would just like to truly say thank you for uplifting my heart and making it smile :) Best Wishes to you Always.

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