Day 40

A bounty of generosity

May 5th, 2010

Doris (pictured with Baxter) was standing at her mailbox when I came wheeling by. I told her I was walking to Oregon, and she told me I better come in and rest up while she made me some food. She whipped up a nice big lunch and packed me some snacks for the road. She wanted to make sure I had everything I needed; I think she would have given me anything in her entire house if she thought it would help me.

Not too far down the road, another woman came out and asked me if she could feed me a hot meal. My stomach was full and I was anxious to make some progress, so I had to tell her no thanks. I felt kind of bad about it: I could see she really wanted to help me. Who would have thought I would find too much kindness to fit in my schedule?


  1. I would have thought it–told you that you were in for an amazing journey and were going to meet amazing people!

  2. Jonathan says:

    That dog looks like a real character.

  3. Jeneca says:

    my second boston terrier was named Baxter! <3

  4. Gabe B says:

    You should ALWAYS take advantage of offers of kindness… you may never meet these people again. You don’t have a schedule. Spend time with those willing to give it. Don’t get wrapped up in the goal, it’s the journey that counts.

    • Barb V says:

      “Don’t get wrapped up in the goal, it’s the journey that counts.” Oooo, nice. I’m making that my Facebook status.

  5. Stefanie A says:

    I’m touched by how kind people have been to you. It helps me see that not everyone in this world only cares for themselves. I wish you were coming through Georgia, I’d be honored to welcome you ito my home.

  6. George says:

    oh baxter you are my little gentleman i will take you to foggy london town because you are my little gentleman…

  7. crankbunny says:

    You keep meeting so many kind people with boston terriers!

  8. Doris says:

    Yes, I would have given you anything.

  9. sillyrabbittoo says:

    Baxter passed away on October 1st. He was a very unusual little boy. I loved him so much. He was my true and faithful friend.

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