Day 41

Sorghum for sale!

May 6th, 2010

After a long, hard day on the road, there's nothing like kicking back and cracking open a fresh sack of sorghum.


  1. Uncle Alan says:

    Not as good as juicy fruit gum.

  2. Peggy Mason says:

    I’m surprised your Uncle Bill has not educated you regarding Southern Sorghum syrup.

  3. Alison Flint says:

    You have been deprived of one of life’s pleasures until you have a had my grandmother’s sorghum cookies.

    Think molasses….

  4. Karen says:

    How about a nice, cold sorghum beer?

    • Karen Too says:

      (I began reading this blog from the start on May 28th, which is when I first heard about it.

      Not long from now, I noticed another “Karen,” so I added the word “Too” to my name. Now, I’m going back to add a note about this to my early posts as just Karen, so everyone will know theses are from me, Karen Too.

      Silly, perhaps, but thought people should be able to tell the difference, and the other Karen was here first.)

  5. Melody says:

    Sorghum and hot biscuits! My grandfather used to bring us sorghum whenever he visited from Arkansas. It came in a can with a pop-off lid.

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