Day 43

Looking up

May 8th, 2010

The geometry of electricity transmission


  1. Miriam says:

    Did you climb?

  2. Uncle Alan says:

    Yes, where is the picture from the top looking down?

  3. Jonathan says:

    Mother. That does not seem very safe.

  4. Jason Eppink says:

    Nice shot, dude. I’m such a sucker for photos of industrial geometry.

  5. Lizzie K says:

    great picture. and jUSt the sort of image you’d never get in a million years from a car.

  6. Cher Fazio says:

    It is not ever the “structure”…it is the possibility of what lies beyond the structure.
    How boring our lives would become without possibility…

  7. Craiggenatalia says:

    Does your “genatalia” glow in the dark now?

  8. Karen Too says:

    Beautiful shot, and everyone can relax as the title is “Looking up.”

  9. katzien says:

    Wow!! Great shot! I thought I have read and seen each and every day of this blog, and I’m following daily. I apparantly missed a week in May. More fun for me!

  10. Barb V says:

    Cool pic!

  11. I see this and I think “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!!!” Being under high tension wires? And during what looks like may have been rain? Are you crazy? I would never do that because of the danger of it. But for you I guess you know no fear.

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