Day 45

Party time!

May 10th, 2010

Christina and Troy called the neighbors over when I showed up, and we all hung out until bedtime.

Top row (left to right): Winston (the cat), Cassadie, Emily, Derek
Bottom row: Lisa, Carey, Cailynn, Christina, Troy


  1. Emily Aronson says:

    Did you have a big sleepover??

  2. Mom says:

    Thanks for our kindness to Matthew.

  3. Nana Frankie says:

    The girls were so excited to tell me about their visitor, good luck on your trip and keep in touch Christina’s Mom

  4. Nancy Jewett says:

    WOW! It is fun to see a picture of Christina and Troy! For five years they have been subcontractors for the Edina Service Co. Nice to put a face to the name!

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