Day 46

No Cruising Zone

May 11th, 2010

I can't find specifically what this means in Chicago, but I assume it's something like this.


  1. Alisa B says:

    I was thinking of American Graffiti when I read this and then The Lock posted a youtube link to an old American Graffiti link. When I lived in Santa Clara, California, cruising was still very much a friday and saturday night event along the El Camino Real in the 80’s. Then they passed an ordinance, similar to the one you included in your link. Think of teens and early 20’s with cars riding up and down the samestreet over and over again, some hanging out at fast food joints along the way. A huge social event and a way for some to show off their cars. Low riders were very common among the cars in California.

    • Armybeef68 says:

      LMFAO…oh, the memories of cruising the El Camino at the SAME, EXACT TIME…LOL…TOO funny…small world…but you forgot to mention the motorcycles at the Chevron near Lawrence or at Wienerschnitzel near San Tomas, but than again I don’t need to tell you the locations, you were a cruiser just like me, oh, and the stoners hanging out at Taco Bell…LOL…and BTW, the lowriders mainly stayed at King & Story…but wow, small world…thanks for taking me back

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