Day 49

My handsome brother

May 14th, 2010

Two more lazy days at Jonathan's place before I hit the road again Sunday morning. Today's one order of business: finding rain pants that don't leak.


  1. Barbara Kiviat says:

    Hi, Jonathan!

  2. Mom says:

    An updated version of the infamous Williamsburg picture.

  3. The Lock says:

    What’s your ugly brother look like?

  4. Lauren Cuz says:

    Jonners! So glad to hear you made it to Chicago. You guys have a great time together! On another note, we’ve put a “mini Matthew with cart” on our map at school and my first graders are following Matthew across the country. They don’t get to read the blog but I give them the highlights as we discuss the geography of our country. I think they were most interested in what you were bringing and how you were sleeping though :) I’ll send some pictures soon. Love you guys!

  5. Have a great reunion! And y’all come to California and see Sherry and me some time!

  6. Erica Goodman says:

    What a good lookin’ guy.

  7. Daniel says:

    The Greens rock Chicago – enjoy your stay! (And hi to Jonathan!)

  8. Barry says:

    I live right here! Bummer that I missed you as you passed by, would have loved to walk and talk for a while. Keep it up man, enjoy the rest of your journey!

  9. Krystal :0) says:

    What a stud haha it’s the face!

  10. Mysta Teddy says:

    your brother looks liek lewis from the Nreds movies

  11. Jonathan says:

    Okay now, everybody just calm down.

  12. Janine says:

    I can forgive everyone else, but Matt! how could you say Jonathan looks like a mandrill AFTER your dad said he looks like Mom?!

  13. Karen Too says:

    Mandrills, to my eye, are spectacular creatures. Wished you both a belated happy birthday a few posts back, but wishing it again here. Hope, too, that you had a great time hanging out. Hope, too, you found those rain pants.

    I’m guessing you’ll let us know in following posts.

    Carry on!

  14. Candice in Alabama says:

    You know, Jonathan’s shirt actually contains some of the colors in a mandrill’s face.

  15. El Grego says:

    I had no idea Jon Turturro was your brother.

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