Day 52

Flower ID, Part II

May 17th, 2010

And these?


  1. Eddie Bug says:

    I lived in that area. We (locals) called it Phlox or Prairie Phlox. Perhaps Dame’s Rocket is a regional usage for other parts of the US.

  2. Craig Evans says:

    Phlox or Dame’s Rocket seems to be right. North-central PA here, and it’s all along the roadways… Here’s the Cornell University webpage on it…
    Considered a noxious weed by New York State.

  3. Ben says:

    Dame’s Rocket, which is invasive but no one seems to care (I’ve got some in my back yard here in W. Mich). Phlox is native, and is five-petaled with opposing leaves, Dame’s Rocket is four-petaled with alternating leaves. It’s a common mixup.

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