Day 53

Another unceremonious border crossing

May 18th, 2010

Welcome to Wisconsin!


  1. John Mahone says:

    Hello–my name is John Mahone, and I am a friend of your Mom and Dad. I have known your Dad for now close to 25-30 years. I saw him last week and he was so proud of your journey.

    I have vicariously been looking at your travels each day since then, and enjoying your stories and pictures, especially since I have taken six trips driving–(but not walking!!!)– across America and Canada over the last three years (each trip over 3,000 miles, and most by myself meeting people like you are now doing).

    So, I admire you for your gumption. Godspeed to you, and come home safe.

    My best wishes to you. Take care.

    John Mahone

  2. Kristie Zilis says:

    you were close but not over the border yet when you came to the sign. StateLine road is the orginal Illinois/Wisconsin border it changed I used to live about 2 miles away from this sign.

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