Day 53

The newlyweds!

May 18th, 2010

Congratulations to Jessica and Tim, who just got married a couple of days ago! They let me stay in their camper last night, and invited me in for dinner, which I got to share with the kids when they returned from Brody's baseball game (he batted 1.000), and breakfast, which featured homemade "rhubarb goo". Jessica also packed me up some wedding reception goodies for the road.

From left to right: Colby, Jessica, Brody, Austin, Amanda, Tim


  1. Mom says:

    I hope your life together is as happy as it looks in this picture. Thank you.

  2. Janine says:

    This family rocks!

  3. Marian says:

    Rhubarb Goo!! That sounds incredible. You should collect recipes from the people who have cooked for you! I am in awe at the kindness people have shown you – thank you so much for sharing all of this!

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