Day 55

Awesome mailbox #18

May 21st, 2010



  1. El Grego says:

    There may be a need for someone to write an extended essay on mailbox construction. My assumption is that folks construct mailboxes like these because they’ve had other mailboxes destroyed previously. For if someone wanted to simply be creative with their “mailbox apparatus” this would be the lowest common denominator. So i’m guessing this one was put together by an angry citizen that lost a mailbox by some unnatural means.

    Question: are there not mailboxes made of industrial grade rubber (both post and box) that can resist baseball bats and perhaps even being run over by vehicles? Of course, I’ve always been a very naive person. Lovin’ the mailbox pictures Matt.

  2. bavman says:

    The reason you find mailboxes like these here in Wisconsin is because the snow plows regularly take them out. My favorite are the mailboxes attached to large springs.

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