Day 60

Aermotor of Chicago

May 25th, 2010

Anything interesting about this on the web?


  1. Mom says:

    Aermotor Windmill has a very interesting 118 year business history. However, one simple truth stands undiminished by time or geography. Aermotor Windmill has continuously manufactured windmills since 1888 and is the only windmill manufacturer in the USA.


    The Aermotor was introduced. Only 24 were sold the first year. The new “mathematical” windmill, as it was derisively called by the competitors, embodied all the principles learned from previous experiments. It also had back gearing which allowed the wheel to make about 3 revolutions for each stroke, resulting in much greater lifting power.

    Aermotor was purchased by an investor group and moved to San Angelo, Texas. The name was changed to Aermotor Windmill Corporation.

  2. Cyndi says:

    Cool! I love learning history from accidental finds!

  3. Tracy says:

    to “Mom”,

    Interesting information Mom, thanks! I love that you are able to keep up with your son and interact with him via the Internet! I’m sure it certainly helps to give you greater peace of mind each day. My oldest is 25 and I can only imagine the angst your son’s journey is creating for you and his father. I would think that being able to see the outpouring of support and well wishes he is receiving, along with the kindness of strangers he is meeting along the way, is helping to ease it a bit (ever so slightly, I’m sure).
    His courage is admirable, as is the planning and forethought that went into his journey! As a parent, it all makes me nervous but at the same time, I applaud your son’s sense of adventure and courage to take the first step of this journey! I think this will impact his life in so may positive ways that at this point in time, cannot even be imagined.
    This is one to be very proud of!!
    Take care and try to sleep (I’m sure it’s been a little difficult).
    -Tracy (SC, USA)

  4. Karen Too says:

    Good call Tracy, and thanks for the reminder of how this impacts Matt’s family, and friends. They all seem totally supportive, but that doesn’t mean they won’t worry.

    Kudos to “Mom,” and all the rest, for being there for Matt.

  5. YeaHuskers says:

    My hometown, Beatrice, Nebraska, is also home to a historic, and domestic windmill manufacturing plant. Check out

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