Day 62

Gambrinus, King of Beer

May 27th, 2010

Across the street from the six pack


  1. Fernando Landeros says:

    No way man, no way.. I am in the king of beer! I appreciate this choice you’ve made. I am already planning long bicycling trips! I will follow your trip closely and inject moral support whenever I have free time.

  2. Cheryl in Arkansas says:

    The King of Beer looks a lot like Burger King. I wonder if they’re related. :-)

  3. Robert says:

    All these years I thought that Bud Weiser was the King Of Beers.

  4. Mandi from Mass. says:

    My thoughts exactly I thought Budweiser was kind of beers and now that you say that Cheryl yes it does doesn’t it.

  5. nick says:

    you got a good idea, crusin’ on foot! won’t miss anything. keep the stories comin’!

  6. Waylon says:

    Aristotle was right, the best form of government is to have a benign dictator. I think you just found the right man for the job!

    • Doug Gray says:

      Way I think you are for the most part correct-but the problem is later in life the head of state goes senile or something and then he ruins the society-

  7. Doug Gray says:

    No-you are all wrong-It is ME-my real name is Keith Stone-

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