Day 62

Lots of islands in the Mississippi here

May 27th, 2010

A map!


  1. Evelyn says:

    You’re awesome. I’ll be following your journey…I know you are not doing it for recognition or fame, but your trip is so inspirational. Feel free to email me if you’re ever bored!

  2. Barbara Kiviat says:

    I like how La Crescent (a core symbol of Islam) is right across the river from La Crosse (a core symbol of Christianity).

  3. Jo says:

    Just wanted to wish you well and tell you I have enjoyed your pictures this morning. Just cool what you are doing.

  4. Pamela Noyes says:

    Beautiful photo….because of your quest …I got to see these lovely boats on the river…Simply inspiring…..

    Thanks for sharing…I too will follow your journey!

    Pamela Noyes (Texas)

  5. Ashley says:

    I think this trip is remarkable! I look forward to follwing the rest of your journey. I really like this photo, I’m from Buras, LA and the Mississippi River was literally in my back yard growing up. It definitely didn’t look as peaceful as it does in this photo.

  6. Michael Luce says:

    A lot of my relatives live in LaCrescent. I lived, went to school and worked in the area for the first 21 years of my life. A beautiful area for hunting, fishing and boating…..oh heck for most anything except winter weather. I eventually moved to Texas due to arthritis. You’re doing something a lot of people should do—walk for life. I’m now disabled but would love to be able to do something like you’re doing. Good luck in achieving your goal.

  7. Sharon says:

    Thx for giving everyone hope!!! It is not about what you can or cannot do….its the journey doing what you WANT to do!! Enjoy you trip!!!

  8. Brownie says:

    wow!!! super!!! keep up the great job (?) fun trip

  9. Shannon says:

    I am still just blow away by this. I love your reasons for doing it the most. I must say I am also a bit jealous– this is something I can see myself attempting (probably not on such a grand scale) when I am able.

    I have recently been stripping down and getting closer to nature. In a world filled with greed and too much want, it’s nice to see someone getting back to basics and really getting in touch with their inner self.

    Seriously, kudos to you.

  10. Alexander Nath Erewari says:

    Thanks brother you have just demostrate to the world that one can be what you want to be if only one has desided to start something, may God gives you the strenght to cary on this journey, AS you have started So shall you finish it in Jesus name i pray,
    Alex Erewari (Bayelsa-Nigeria)

  11. Deborah says:

    Just stumbled onto your website yesterday. What you are doing is a dream for many people. To escape and enjoy life–cutting loose from the mundane and truly enjoying Gods world and meeting so many people. I was following the Australian sailor girl as she traveled around the world…now her mission is complete. Soon yours will be as well. Dont give up!!! We are all living vicariously through you!!!! Keep walkin! :)

  12. Nick says:

    I know this spot!! Of all the places for you to cross into Minnesota and its this one! I can see the house boat I will be staying on this coming weekend. Thats a picture of the Petibone Boat club in LaCrosse. Awesome town! I hope you enjoy walking through my home state of MN, the people here can be the nicest you will ever run into….sorry, walk into! Best of luck on your adventure.

  13. Christina says:

    I was looking at some of the photos and thought “This is what you experience when you allow things to happen, when you take the time, when you don’t force things happen.” Some of the most peaceful moments I have had in my life are getting out there and experiencing life. You need to try Europe next. I went there and took a train trip from Geilenkirchen, Germany to Arhus, Denmark(@ 11 hours) though most people would fly. I loved it. I saw the country and didn’t skip by it. Enjoy your time.

  14. Tera says:

    Good Luck on your journey. The sights you will see can only be dreamed by the rest of us. See you in Oregon.

  15. Karen Too says:

    Good note, Barbara Kiviat.

    Ah, so THIS explains the no cars. Everyone is using a boat today.

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