Day 62

Outdoor Art

May 27th, 2010

That's what the billboard says, along with the advertising company's name and phone number, and a generic lighthouse photo.


  1. Jason Eppink says:

    Does it qualify as art if it has to be labeled as such?

  2. Sally Fiske says:

    Wow,I think it is great that you are not only walking but taking the time it gives you to cherish
    the beauty that is there. You are an inspiration to me.While I cant walk that far I can
    still walk and should do it more.If on the return trip you should make it thru Mountain View,Missouri,you look up the home of David and Sally Fiske.There will be a hot meal waiting (and a shower)LOL.May God continue to bless you with health,and wonder for his gifts.
    David and Sally Fiske
    Mt. View Mo.

  3. Debrah St. Germain says:

    What a marvelous endeaver. I believe America’s people are at their best right now. Many years ago I met a man from Pennsylvania who said he was 40 yrs old and just retired from GE as an Idea Man (Engineer). He was quite healthy, and obviously bored with life. As he told his story he revealed that he made a deal with GE to retire (on early retirement pension) at 40, but the contract had a codicil to rehire him at 60! He planned on travelling to Florida to open a fruit stand, and play in the sun. I have always wondered if he ever returned to GE. That was about 28 years ago. God bless you on your journey. I believe you have already found what you were looking for. I’d offer you lodging and meals, but alas you would have to swim about 1500 miles from Rockaway Beach, NY to get to St. Croix, in the USVI. Everyone has a bit of “wonderlust”, only some of us follow it.
    Debbie St. Germain

  4. Jude Rohan says:

    Not all those who wander are lost
    (J.R.R. Tolkien)

  5. Dennis Salb says:

    I salute you for taking on this brave endeavor. You will come away knowing first hand what our forefathers experienced when they went west to settled this great country. I enjoy your daily postings and hope that you have the fortitude to continue on to the Pacific. I fear that the toughest part of your journey is to come as you travel through the solitude of North Dakota and Montana. Please know that although you walk alone, you are in the thoughts of prayers of many.

  6. dondi ong says:

    Your story touched me and I feel so lucky to have known about your quest (or non-quest). You’re a modern day Don Quixote and an artist in the real sense of the word, inspiring the rest of the world to make life more meaningful. I will be praying for your health until you reach your goal. God bless. (greetings from the Philippines)

  7. Chris Gable says:

    Hey Matt, I recently sent you an email and I wanted to tell you if you come through Minneapolis (which it looks as if you will) I would love to buy you the best breakfast Minneapolis has to offer. Located conveniently where I work :) Good luck man, keep on keepin on

  8. i’m enjoying getting a look at your trip. when i was planning my 1000-mile walk across the West i tried
    to find blogs like this and came up largely empty-handed. i’d be interested to know how your perception
    of our country and its people is changing as you move through the landscape. not to mention all the
    internal changes such a trip brings on.

    the cart is an interesting idea, but it seems like it will prevent you from going off-road — which IMHO
    is where you’ll find the best parts of the West.

    if you want to see what a very different walk looks like, check out my blog at

    walk strong! you’re making great time! have a great trip! i’ll be tracking your progress.

  9. Kat says:

    gahahahaha wonderful advertisment

  10. Doug Gray says:

    Hmmm-I don’t think I would want to be asociated with the ad company that owns this billboard-I don’t think Frodo and Sam are pass this way again-can you see it from anything other than a secondary or tertiary road?

  11. Doug Gray says:


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