Day 63

Lanny and Ada

May 28th, 2010

They're in town from Idaho because Lanny is acting in a Shakespeare festival in Winona. They just stopped to give me some moral and financial support (Ada has deep pockets).


  1. Colin in Sconi says:

    Cute father and daughter pair. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s posts brings!!!

  2. Jenny in L.A. says:

    You have great pictures! This allows the rest of us to live vicariously through you.

    • Joe in Waynesboro VA says:

      Exactly! I look forward to each day’s posts. Seems like a really cool introspective trip that I almost wish I could make myself. All the details down to the little bird he encountered, or the dog he pet… to think that his life brought him to those very places at those exact times. Thousands of experiences that he’d never have had if he was still stuck in his office in NY. All those nice people he’s met. Definitely an awesome trip.

  3. Shannon says:

    Ada is cute as a button!

  4. Harold says:

    I drive truck cross country see some of the areas you are going very beautiful sometimes I park and walk would love to just keep going. God bless you will be in our prayers.

  5. Rachel in MO says:

    hmm..well I left a message on flickr, wondering if you actually accessed the site to read such i’m thinking this might be the better place! Awesome trip you’re taking, Jenny is right that we all get to live vicariously thru you! You’re even teaching me more about the US. Oh and you take beautiful pics- free advertisement for the quality of Droid photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed the MidWest!

  6. Lucia says:

    Hey Matt,
    My fiance point out your page to me yesterday and I just stayed up late night going through all your posts. It was so exiting and inspiring – you and the other people who give you support and help you out on the journey. Good luck and be safe!

    Lucia from Slovakia

    PS: By the way I love your pictures:)

  7. Kathy Brody says:

    Just came across your walking from – I envy your courage. You’re probably doing what millions of us WISH we were doing instead of our being married to the corporate stool getting our computer tan’s every day… just so when “in the end” we can claim we were “successful”. – Right!

    I think you’ve encouraged me to make a walk quest of my own. I’ll be 50 in November.

    So, when you get to Northern California (Trinidad) and you need a yard to pitch a tent just give a shout. We’re a small community along the coast looking for a reason to share a smile. Good luck with your journey.


  8. Kurt says:

    If you need a place to stay in Salt Lake we got you covered!

  9. Brian says:

    Good luck on your travels, so jealous.

  10. Jason says:

    When do you get your new shoes again? 1000 plus on those puppies?

  11. Erica says:

    Lanny just posted this link on facebook. He’s a good goat. Think I found me a new website to check every day! Good for you for following your dreams. God Bless!!!

  12. Doug Gray says:

    Heh-I’m sure she does-my 7 yr old son has the same deep pockets lol-glad you are meeting some great people.

  13. Lanny says:

    Hey Matt, glad to meet you today and hope to meet up with you later this year when you pass through northern Idaho. I’d love to chat with you a bit more than just a few minutes as I’m sure you’ve got some good stories to tell! Best of luck on your journey, and my daughter was really excited to see her picture on your website ;)

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