Day 65

Bizarre billboard

May 30th, 2010

It spins in the wind, is located in a yard full of junked vehicles and scrap metal, and promotes a company located 50 miles away in a different state.


  1. Craig (Yeah..from NC) says:

    They have been doing “Quality Memorials since 1888″… wonder if they even remember that sign is there?
    The place looks HUGE.
    Musta been on of the 70-80s stages? High tech back then.
    They are on the net now!

  2. Billie Marcks says:

    We drove by you as you were taking this pictures. Best of luck on your jouney.

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi Matt,
    I live on the Pacific coast in Marin County, just outside San Francisco, California. I’ve spent the last hour looking at all your photos and information. I love what you’re doing. I am excited to follow you on your trip now. Enjoy….can you talk on your videos as you show where you are? It would be fun to hear a sentence or two from you. Barbara L.

  4. Candace W says:

    Maybe that’s the closest monument company to the area? Who knows!

  5. Mari says:

    Hi Matt
    You are in my neck of the woods. I live near Near New Richmond WI which is about 25 miles north of River Falls!

    Have a great safe trip!

  6. Laura says:

    Ha! Just my kind of sign!

  7. Andrea says:

    according to their FAQ

    “What area do you cover?
    We cover a very large area with no specific guidelines or radius. It is common for us to go as far south as Faribault/Owatonna, north as far as North Branch, east as far as Eau Claire and the entire St. Paul/Minneapolis area. However, we have on many occasions gone farther out than the above listed cities.”

    So they do business in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.

    They offer free straightening! I wish they were in NJ :(

  8. wanda says:

    This is so cool.. Just the inventive qualities in ideas that u were probably hoping u’d get2c on your quest for the answers.. I hope u find your dreams.. and allll the answers that u need..

  9. Jay says:

    That sign been there as long I can remember. I not sure off hand how long this one been on this “wind” sign.

  10. Laurenis says:

    Sans the sign, the truck and the house…with the wind and the grass…this has a very Wizard of Oz feel to it….

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