Day 65

Lake City pride

May 30th, 2010

Ralph Samuelson


  1. Barbara says:

    Nice to meet you today. I hope you enjoyed the strawberries and kiwi.


  2. Karen Too says:

    Ha! I Googled it before I saw your hot link, and yep, it’s true! I was just about to post the very same link when I thought to check for it here. Thanks, Matt.

  3. Craig (Yeah..from NC) says:

    LMAO the birth place of water skiing? Who would have thought?

  4. Jane in Oregon says:

    How did you get across the water from Wisconsin to Minnesota? After reading about your trek in the local newspaper I started at the beginning, read to today, and sent links to a sister and a friend. What’s your plan to cross Oregon?

  5. Jay says:

    My home town.. Lake City Minnesota.. I love that town, and I’m proud of that City!

  6. Craig Anderson says:

    In the early ’70’s, I attended the Aquatennial in Lake City. There was an incredible water skiing show with skiers doing pyramids, ramp jumps, and two guys skiing on barstools perched on plywood disks! There was a parade with floats. One float had a men’s club called The Vulcans on it. They saw my mom in the audience, wearing red hot pants and white go go boots, and kidnapped her, taking her up onto the float! My little brother cried. Dad kept laughing. I thought the nordic party animals were going to keep her, but they let her go.

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