Day 66

If you try to cross here

May 31st, 2010

You will be struck by lightning.


  1. Jennifer R, NNews Va says:


    1st – LOL’d at the caption on latest pic.

    2nd – I wanted to do this – around age 22-23. I didn’t have the money saved, was going to ‘work for food’ as the need arose. But essentially the same. Walk the country and really see it, the way you would at a walking pace, versus driving, train or even biking. So much easier to pause and give more attention to something that catches your eye if you’re on foot. Mom was able to convince me not to, and I won’t bother with the whys. I’m so glad to see someone is, and in this day and age of instant exposure and access, you’re able to share it in a way I wouldn’t have. which brings me to my last thought for tonight.

    3rd- Too often the news is filled with depressing stories and even the simpliest articles are strewn over with angry hateful comments. Your story is reaching inside of people all around the world, making them cherish the simple wonderful things this world has to offer. It’s beautfiul beyond what words can capture.

    Mahalo – may grace and goodness continue to care for you on this voyage.

  2. scott mac says:

    OW My arcing track! (???)
    I have NEVER seen a traffic sign like that.

  3. Craig (Yeah..from NC) says:

    Run…………… forrest, Run……………..!

  4. A.C. Stran says:

    Struck by lightning…or electrocuted…
    Actually, my first thought when I saw the sign was that the terrain on either/both sides are lower than the tracks and that towed trailers risk ‘bottoming out’.
    Could be all of the above… ;-)

  5. Bob Currie says:

    Well, I made it from day 1 to day 66 in only 5 hours. Hope 66 is going well for you.

  6. Jamie Gregg says:

    I do so love your since of humor, I look forward to seeing what is next on your great adventure. I must say with a little jealously,I think alot of people following your journey probably feel the same way. I hope God blesses your trip in everything that your path crosses.

  7. chett from Ohio says:

    i started following your journey the day it was posted on Yahoo. what a wonderful jorney and story. this is something i would really love to do. anyway your quirky insights and humor are awesome. and i sat in front of my computer the other day for FOUR HOURS going from day 1 to like, day 60. Its now my first Favorite page and i check it daily. keep up the good work and be safe on your trip!!!!

  8. Doris says:

    I’m going to the next crossing for sure.

  9. Sarah says:


    Yes, I’m w/the few people that have expressed a pang of jealousy or maybe just realized a longing similar to yours. I primarily get around on foot and I would love to one day get a chance to see more of the world, this way.

  10. Barbara Kiviat says:

    God highly suggests you cross elsewhere.

  11. Kevin from NC says:

    I used to drive tractor trailers, and one safety film we were shown was freight rain vs truck stuck on a crossing. No contest. You definitely want to heed that warning if your trailer is loaded, empty you MIGHT get over but I’d “use next crossing” at all costs. Matt, your cart would have no trouble making it over, one of the advantages of foot power.

  12. Thomas says:

    As long as they pay attention. About two weeks ago we had a low-boy trailer carrying an excavator get stuck right in the center of our NC town. Amtrak came through at 70MPH a few minutes later. Lightning would have probably been better. Thankfully no one killed but the engine threw the excavator off the trailer and dragged said trailer like 150 feet. Pretty spectacular fire, but it was almost right in front of a fire station. What a mess. The crossing (main road through town) was closed for over a week, although they had trains running the next day.

  13. lisa says:

    thank you for sharing your journey with the world. you are a great photographer!

    in regards to this photo, as also in regards to clever catalog writers and paint color namers, i wonder who the lucky chap was who got to design the image and chose the lightning bolt zig zags to represent ‘trouble.’

    blessings and safety, as you traverse The States.

  14. andrea says:

    I love odd traffice signs like these :)

  15. Jay says:

    This area, the grade are pretty low on both ends. So if a trailer did go over it, you have a good chance of getting stuck, and get hit by a train.. There’s a lot of train traffic on this track as well. (Amtrak Empire Builder, and few other fright train)

  16. Beth says:

    I noticed the red geodetic/benchmark survey sign. I love looking for those and tracking them thru Just think how many of the disks you have passed and geocaches that you may not even have known about around you. Just thought you might be interested in a little more background on those. Happy trails and walk safe!!!

  17. Roe says:

    How did you do that so fast? Day 1 – 66; I started 3 days ago and this is where I am now! Course that little thing called “work”, (6 day weeks at the P.O.!) does get in the way…

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