Day 90

Pop strikes back!

June 24th, 2010


  1. Thomas says:

    With the graveyard in the background I was thing the sign should say Good Friends, Good Times, Good Fun …. Good Luck!

  2. Barb C. says:

    When my daughter worked for “the rock” and traveled out East , if she ask for a” pop “people corrected her and said it was “soda”. It really depends on what part of the country you are from. That is what makes this a “great place” to live. Also if you look at the “big scheme” of things, does it really matter!!!!

  3. Lori says:

    There is just something fundamentally wrong, yet hilarious about this sign and location of it… Last call??? One before you go

  4. Tesla says:

    I’m guessing “Let it happen” means death? I agree, such an odd location. Was the bar anywhere close to the sign?

  5. Kevin from NC says:

    sign + background = priceless

  6. katzien in austin says:

    “Liquor?? I don’t even know’er!!” (That’s one of my all-time favorite silly jokes!!) I’m laughing out loud!! ;-)

  7. Scott in GA says:

    Matt, I grew up in northern Ohio and didn’t know any other word for it except “pop”. I was amazed when I
    left home and found that people didn’t know what I was talking about as they had always used the word
    “soda”. I love your web site and especially the pictures. Hope you publish a book of all your photos when
    you are finished with the walk.

  8. Karen Too says:

    If this is the afterlife, I can deal with it. According to this sign there is, after all, pizza and beer. As long as there is ice cold beer, I’m set!

    Hmm, the “grill” part is a bit disconcerting, but maybe I won’t be sent there.

  9. Barb V in Michigan says:

    In Tennessee (at least what I know of it), they say “coke.” Everything is coke. “I’d like a coke, please.” “What kind?” “Diet Dr. Pepper” or “7-Up” or “Rootbeer” or whatever your flavor is…

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      Barb V in Michigan

      I have lived in TN all my life but I live in the eastern (beautiful part) in Maryville 20 miles from Knoxville and 45 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Yes almost everyone refers to “pop” or “soda” as Coke even when they want another brand. I believe this is because Coca-Cola is headquatered in Atlanta, GA and it has an overwhelming market share in our part of the couintry.

      I have been following Matt with great admiration and wish I had done what he is doing when I was his age. I am now 60 so it will not happen but I can still dream and maybe do something on a much shorter distance sometime soon. I am loving the photos he is sending for us to enjoy as I have not had the opportunity to visit the area of this great country he is in now!!!

      Tonight I will sit on my back patio and look at the Great Smoky Mountains and drink a Yuengling beer (or 2) in Matt’s honor.

      Don in Tennessee (GO VOLS)

      • Jeff says:

        Hay Don, I am Jeff in New Joisy….Cheers and similiar thoughts. Take a small walk everyday and in time you will cover the distance and in spirit and pictures…you will have accomplished this goal too. No? Peace to you. Mine is Sangria tonight.

        • Don in Tennessee says:


          My siater and brother-in-law lived in Joisy for 30 years. They lived in Bridgewater for most of the time they were in the Garden State! Have you ever been to Long Branch, NJ? I was there years ago and it was a rough place then. I do not have a reason to go to Jersey now since my sis lives in Dumfries,VA.

          By the way, i did run 3 marathons in my early to mid 30’s and my worst time was 3 hours and 31 minutes. Due to bad knees and a heart defibrillator I am now reduced to walking but I do about 4-5 miles at least 6 days a week. Keeps me in shape for the nightly 12 ounce Yuengling curls.

          I hope Matt continues to have a safe and rewarding walk across our great United States of America. The warm smiles, food, shelter and words of encourgement to Matt shows how great this country is regardless of all of our differences across the 50 states.

          Jeff, take care and have a great day tomorow! Pray for our country!


  10. Thomas says:

    This is to Karen Too … you obviously don’t know the Polka song … “There is no beer in heaven, that’s why we drink it here … “

  11. Jeff says:

    MGD light …before 64 and now. Heaven is but a taste away. No coke…Pepsi?>?

  12. Not bad for your last meal!!

  13. Craig (Yeah in NC!) says:

    Road House Bar & Grill

    * (701) 327-9222

    250 Van Buren Ave Ne, Tappen, ND 58487
    Get directions Cross Streets: Near the intersection of Van Buren Ave NE and 4th St/39th Ave SE
    In Business since 2003!

  14. Sean in KY says:

    LMAO, classic photo. I love it. Down the road from us is a small antique store and the sign reads “New and Used Antiques.” LOL.

  15. Rod Norris says:

    When I go… plant me there! Sounds like a riot of a place!

  16. kelli says:

    love the scenery…:}

  17. mindy says:

    aw, soda rules!

  18. DivaQuilts says:


    We call it “pop” in Ontario, Canada too – I was routing for the return of pop. (And also, coca-cola products. What’s up with the Pepsi/mountain dew thing?)

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