Day 132

Big frickin’ weeds

August 5th, 2010


  1. Dan in LA says:

    An twins too!

  2. JuJu says:

    What ever you do, don’t trade your trolley for some beans and climb one of them!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I believe those are mullen/mullein plants

    • Mom says:

      Indeed they are mullein (Verbascum) very much like what we have in Virginia.

      • jeff says:

        per matt….fricken Verbascum

        • Craig (Yeah...From NC!) says:

          FEED ME!! Feed Me Feed Me
          Feed Me, Seymour!
          Feed Me all night long…
          That’s right, Boy!
          You can do it!!

          ..Cause if you feed me Seymour,
          I can grow up big and strong!

          ..this guy sure looks like plant food to me

          • Donna in Texas says:

            That is exactly what I was thinking Craig! LOL

          • April from CA says:

            Ha! That’s awesome!

          • Jeff says:

            friday night rental here we come…..
            Audry or Audry II.
            Only in New York…….or Washington….

            Little shop….little shop…..little shop of …………………

            • Candice in Alabama says:


              • Candice in Alabama says:

                I watched the 1960’s version with Jack Nicholson on one Friday evening with my cousins. At the young tender age of around 8 or 9, I had nightmares about that FOOT.

                We had also seen “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” at the downtown theater. We had just moved to Alabama and lived in a very OLD house with very HIGH ceilings. That was another movie that affected my young tender childhood. The HEAD rolling down the stairs scene.

                I of course then grew up to love the HORROR Comic books CREEPY, EERIE & VAMPIRELLA!

        • Christopher says:

          “Crispy dried crushed Mullein is a lousy smoke. Be sure to keep it ever so slightly moist. Dried Mullein should be rubbed for the best results. It will become very fluffy and puffy. This fuzzy rubbed Mullein will burn evenly when smoked in a paper or pipe. It will hold other herbs that are in the form of small pieces and powder, and keep them evenly distributed. And it has no flavor! Ideal for a smoking base; I use it in almost every smoking mixture.”

          Now don’t go gettin’ any ideas Matt! LOL

  4. Tonya Melton says:

    Hi, I am one of the girls (the one with the pony tail) at the grocery store in Tekoa that you meet this morning, after you left you were in my mind all day and I couldn’t wait to get home to check out your site, I think what you are doing is very kool, I was raised with a mom that couldn’t drive so I walked every where. I still love walking to this day. I wish you many more awesome experiences and many more beautiful and soul inspiring sites, good luck and god bless. I will keep watching. Tonya from Tekoa

    • Barb C. says:

      Welcome Tonya to the Hobo Planet and congratulations on meeting our Matt. a lot of us have been following Matt since the end of May and some before that.If you have the time go back and read the posts from day one. Again Welcome amd we are all jealous that you got to meet Matt.

      • Gentle Giant says:

        Barb your so right as I just missed Matt at the Beer Jug in Glendive by about an Hour and Tonya you are so lucky and yes welcome to the group.

        • Christopher says:

          Lucky schmucky i meet a hobo at least once a week in the subway but they usually carry a sign that says, “will work for cigarettes” or something to that effect instead of “we may never meet again.” :P

    • Gentle Giant says:

      That was very nice Tonya and I’m sure Matt was very glad to meet you.

  5. Old Hippie says:

    Thats food there and medicine.
    Entire plant is edible and medicinal.
    Best stir fried with chowmein like mix or butter saute and seasoned to taste. Hot cooking gets rid of the wooly feel.
    Tea or smoke for cough, cold symptoms.

  6. JLarrryM says:

    Big change in scenery from just a few days ago!

  7. phyllis says:

    well this old hippie didn’t know that usful information!!! would you happen to know the name of the plant? oh and matt ; if you sleep in this area tonite and hear fe fie fo fum RUN!!!

    • Michelle says:

      It’s Verbascum. I had to look it up because I see those here in Rhode Island all over. Who knew?
      Peace from Michelle in Providence

  8. charlie says:

    i’ve seen those in NC, too.

  9. Doug says:

    And it’s an exotic, imported from Eurasia. It can be rather a menace as it has no natural enemies on this continent. Classified as noxious in most states. But it’s here to stay.

  10. Don in Tennessee says:

    Yes we have this in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Did not know it had medicinal value. Thanks old hippie for the education today.

    Miracle Grow really does make things grow tall. Amazing stuff.

  11. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    What the heck?!? I’ve never seen a weed that big before! What’s out there, nuclear waste? ha ha. That thing is gigantic. I’d run if I were you Matt, wouldn’t want that thing to get me! And like a couple have already said, look out for the Jolly Green Giant! Or Jack and the bean stalk?

  12. Patrick says:

    Worked at a Minnesota State Park for years picking mullen in June and July. Most were waist tall, but there were always a few that were bigger than me and took 2 people to pull out.

  13. Craig from Iowa says:

    I’ve seen them reach near 7 ft.. This is a sacred plant to traditional indiginous people. For lung congestion, seven leaves were picked from a first-year rosette, torn into pieces, and steeped for 15 minutes. Take lid off pot and breathe in the mullein steam with towel draped over head. Before harvesting leaves, talk to the plant and ask for it’s healing power. Give it thanks for it’s sacrifice, and leave a small offering of tobacco next to it.

    • young says:

      “Take lid of pot and breath…before harvesting…talk to the plant and ask for its healing power…leave a small offering of tobacco…” Hm, sounds kinda half-baked to me Craig from Iowa. :-/

  14. young says:

    Wow! this must be the first nasty someone typed on here. It’s all in good fun CfI; no need to get your mullein in a wad! ;-)

  15. Linda says:

    WOW these are big weeds! :D

  16. Jason says:

    No one mentioned one of the coolest things Mullien can be used for. Cut it – let it dry – and use it (with another medium hard wood) to make fire. The stalks are straight and can be used, twirled between the hands, as a ‘hand drill fire’. It is not for the feint of heart though. I practiced with another type of wood / weed for a long time before I was able to get fire. It is tough on the hands – but VERY rewarding.

    You have a great eye for cool stuff Matt.

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