Day 135

Looking down on the Scablands

August 8th, 2010


  1. hks says:

    Did you missed the rain forest at the last turn?

  2. deb says:

    My dad taught me to love those great old Louis L’Amour westerns. Although I don’t think any of them were written about Washington state, this picture looks like the way I imagined the landscapes from those books.

    • Ya…this kind of reminds me of one of the opening scenes in the Louis L’Amour movie…”Conagher” with Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross…when her husband is killed trying to ride his horse up a steep embankment…great western…are they still riding horses in Washington???…did they ever???…what do I know???…(okay, I know the answer)…

      • Candice In Alabama says:

        I’ve got that movie (“Conagher”) somewhere and will have to re-watch it (or maybe it’s available on Netflix).

        This is certainly some empty country (empty of people).

      • Michelle says:

        Love Louis L’Amour. I have several of his books recorded as dramas on tape. Very cool.
        Peace, from Michelle in Providence

        • jerry's kid says:

          Louis L’Amour had a cabin along the Rogue River in SE Oregon, beautiful country – and there wrote several of his novels. Matt will end his trip in Northern Oregon but the southern coast is fantastic too.

  3. katzien in austin says:

    Interesting scale. I can’t decide if those are small trees in the valley, or large bushes.

  4. Michelle says:

    WOW how often does someone get to see this kind of landscape? How lonely was it walking this Matt? On the other hand, kinda cool. Are there any wild animals, like bobcats, out there?
    Peace, from Michelle in Providence

  5. Christina says:

    No Bobcats, but plenty of coyote in Eastern WA. Yes horses are still ridden out here but the coyboys and rodeos are further north.
    Sadly, Matt is passing through the area we Washingtonians call “the ugly part.” This area is all tumbleweeds and dust in the summer…in the winter it is much more scenic.

    Oh, and hks…the rainforest is on the WESTERN side of the Cascade Mountains, along the Pacific Coast. The Eastern side of the mountains is mostly high desert area. We do not get the rain that Seattle is famous for thanks to the mountain range you have yet to see. Matt is getting close though.

    Christina in Wenatchee, WA

  6. jeff says:

    I have some foxes around we can ship out there. I bet they would like it better then doging all the cars around here.

  7. Gigi says:

    It looks so desolate at the same time so beautiful.

  8. Don in Tennessee says:

    This looks like unforgiving land. Like if you got lost or did not have water type unforgiving. To me all landscapes have beauty in their own right. We also have plenty of coyotes and foxes in our area that would love to be in an area with less people.

  9. Michelle says:

    It’s not the ugly part by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just the “everbrown” portion of the evergreen state.

    If I’m guessing correctly, this is what used to be Kahlotus Lake. If that’s the case, it dried up when farmers tapped into the spring that fed it to irrigate their land. To bring you either the produce or HFCS you so desire.

  10. Roe says:

    Washington’s own ‘badlands’, perhaps? I love it there, have family in Spokane and Seattle, hard to believe when they all came from this little town in Western NY State of barely 3,000. Easy to have family everywhere when hubby is one of seventeen and mine was eleven *just children.

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