Day 143

A scenic ‘hood

August 16th, 2010


  1. Anthony in Raleigh says:

    Oh wow, I love that reflection!

  2. Linda in Michigan says:

    This is so beautiful. Seems peaceful. Great shot!

  3. Gigi says:

    The river is like a mirror. Another awesome pic, thanks!

  4. Ruthie in CA says:

    Love this wallpaper I mean shot!

  5. Kathy says:

    What to do, take a running jump and then a belly flop with a splash of soda, I mean pop. Or, cannonball run like mad, dive head first into the swallow end? Pray tell.

    Do it just the way we planned. You’ll be cool for twenty hours and I’ll pay you twenty grand, Evel.

  6. katzien in austin says:

    Damn. Stunning view. Call it “Fade to Black.”

  7. MN Roxanne says:

    Another calm day for great photo shots….. Mt Hood is awesome!

  8. Donna in Texas says:

    Beautiful Matt.

  9. Steve in WI says:

    I wonder how many people travel this route and never stop to take in the beauty of it. Nice pictures Matt, Thank You !!!

  10. Candice in Alabama says:

    That’s more of a peeping Hood! Beautiful, what a calm water surface!

  11. John in MI says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’d never get tired of that view.

  12. Ruthie in CA says:

    A declaration…I promise to photography all roadside points of interest and scenic views on my next road trip.

  13. Karen Too says:

    Ha, ha. Another good one, Matt, and spectacular shot, too.

  14. Donna in MI says:

    Gorgeous picture! Another “Reflections” shot. Lots of curves and depth in this. A magnificent photo! Thanks!

  15. Jose in Chicago says:

    Perfect skinny dipping spot, sight under the reflection of the white mountain top!!!

  16. Donna in MI says:

    It appears that the crumbling/fallen rocks on the lower and middle right hand side of this picture were once part of the wall that goes along the curve on the right hand side. They look like massive rocks.

  17. CP in MI says:

    Again, breathtaking. It looks so serene.

  18. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Ring around the River? The river looks like glass it’s so smooth and the reflection is just perfect. Mt. Hood is awesome looking off in the distance. thanks for the shots of it!

  19. Mt. Hood is one of the most photographed mountain in the area. I hope Matt gets to see it all pink with the reflections of the sunset on the snow! I LOVE Mt. Hood….lots of memories there….camping, hiking, skiing, romancing!, huckleberrying, boating just to name a few!

  20. Don in Tennessee says:

    After seeing this photo, I wanted leave and go to this spot and just reflect – it looks so fresh and and undisturbed. That water looks fairly clear and inviting!

  21. Sarah says:

    WOW. I love the snow-capped mountain peeking out from behind the green mountains. Beautiful.

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