Day 144

Bridge of the Gods: Looking At

August 17th, 2010

A sign on the bridge lists a 50-cent pedestrian toll, but the toll collector told me walkers cross for free! This bridge is part of the Pacific Crest Trail, meaning I've now crossed all three major north-south US hiking trails: the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the PCT.


  1. EDL In MN says:

    Cool-saved another 50 cents!
    That is awesome that you have now been on all 3 major trails!

  2. Hoop de do…another goal met…congrats Matt…

  3. Candice In Alabama says:

    Woohoo Matt! Way to go – but I am wondering how an Oregon pedestrian travels, if not by walking? Oh well – 50 cents saved!

  4. Alisa 11 says:

    I didn’t expect you to cross the river so soon, are you walking along 84?? I didn’t think pedestrians could walk along the interstate, but if you are, be safe!! I didn’t see another local route out of Cascade Locks unless you headed up into the National Forest! I bet that has some spectacular views!

  5. Maj. John Major-Major (Ret.) says:

    Trail Bridge, quotha? Holy Cow, some Trailblazers, in that Oregon!

  6. Scott Klement says:

    I thought the native american story behind Bridge of the Gods was quite interesting:

  7. Don in Tennessee says:

    Not very many people who can say they have been on the AT, CDT and PCT! This is a neat bridge. The article below has a great photo of the bridge from the Ruckel Creek Trail (2nd photo down) which gives a great perspective as to where Matt has been!

    I am loving all of the different bridges Matt has photographed and shared with us! Bridges have been a great help in linking us from one part of the country to another. They are an engineering marvel!

  8. Gigi says:

    How awesome is that, crossing the three major north-south trails! Way to go Matt!

  9. Don in Tennessee says:

    50-cent? You ahve to be kidding me.

  10. Roe says:

    That was a good finish to WA, looking for more OR pics. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Bev in Vancouver WA says:

    Glad you made it across:)

  12. Well Matt…did you hear any of the “sonic booms”…evidently a “security breach” in the air space over your head…Portland and North…somewhere out there…the Pres is flying in Air Force One and someone violated air space…and there are many reports of sonic booms…now you may have thought they were celebrating your approach to the Portland area…sorry…I suppose there may be some celebrating…but no sonic booms…again sorry…

    • Evidently, the F 15 jets were sent out of Portland to the Seattle area where the security breach happened…so you may have not heard them…but it was from Portland so you may…it was the 142 Air Wing out of Portland…it rattles windows…like at an air field out of Seattle had on a large sign…”Pardon our noise, it’s the sound of FREEDOM”…

  13. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Congrats on walking all three major trails!!

  14. Thomas says:

    So begins the final leg of the trip!!!! Go, Matt, Go, Matt, Go Matt!!!!!

  15. Dave says:

    Wow! What a great memory to see the Bridge of the Gods again! I also crossed that bridge over the mighty Columbia river in 2001 during my 109 day thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, Mexico to Canada. I still recall stopping directly over the center of the bridge then gazing downriver as I was overwhelmed with being at the same place that Lewis & Clark passed a couple of hundred years ago. Thanks for letting me re-live that special moment of my own hike.

  16. Tom in Wa. says:

    Jim in AR. via Mn.

    I’m sit’in between Portland and Seattle,, (SW Washington) . SONIC BOOM shook the WHOLE house this afternoon……..

    Matt,,, 1st. time poster. Been here since DAY 63. What an AWESOME trip you are on. Have loved watching your travels at the end of each day. Sorry to see it comming to a end Brother..

  17. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Wow and dang. That is some structure. Think they have enough beams to hold it all together with? Really pretty sights though. Beautiful place. Like the information given. Yeah for you Matt in crossing all the trails. Whoo hoo!

  18. AZ Bob says:

    So… approximately 120 miles to go. If the man takes no days of rest, I predict he’ll have his feet in the western ocean morning to mid-day on Sunday!

  19. Barb V from Michigan says:

    What’s the difference between a pedestrian and a walker? A repurposed jogging cart?

  20. 1sun goddess says:

    Yeah! What a great area to cross over to Oregon!

  21. Islandmama from WA says:

    Just wanted to send you a virtual wave. We drove across the Columbia River this afternoon on our way through Portland. I was thinking about you out there. Good luck on the rest of your journey. You’re almost to the end. Must feel good to be in your last state.

  22. jerry's kid says:

    I was nervous crossing that bridge in a car! I don’t think I would have had the nerve to do it on foot! I think it’s funny that the bridge is supposed to charge a toll for pedestrians but the toll keeper said walkers could go for free!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Maybe it’s just because it was Matt. He’s a walk star you know. That’s like a rock star only he’s walking but his walking does rock so I guess he’s a walking rock star. ?

  23. Brittney says:

    It’s so high! Amazing picture, but i’d never be able to walk across this!

  24. mindy says:

    This is Phenominal!!!

  25. Karen Too says:

    Amazing all around: crossing all three trails, this bridge, the picture, walking where Lewis and Clark tread, and all the rest.

  26. Diane in Ohio says:

    I have a friend hiking the PCT this summer. As far as I know he hasn’t made it this far yet. Between reading the Hobo Nation blog for Matt’s walk and my friend’s blog about his PCT hike, I’ve been very entertained at work this summer. Congrats, Matt, on reaching this milestone!

  27. katzien in austin says:

    Damn, that’s freaking awesome! Way to go Matt. You’re a new folk hero of mine. Now…to scroll up and read the comments. What fun!

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