Day 126

Doesn’t this rule out human transport?

July 31st, 2010


  1. Yeosaph Ferguson says:

    Knapweed is just one example of the invasive species in Montana – a plant no one could like.

  2. TJ says:

    Ask the Blackfeet about invasive species?

  3. J E F F says:

    Wow, things come full circle. The native americans should have hung this sign out along time ago…then we all would have had to back to europe.

  4. Candice in Alabama says:

    Ask Alabama about Kudzu. Ahhh…if we could only convert the Kudzu to energy.

  5. Andrew in VT says:

    Aside from non-native humans…would this include species like horses? or cattle?

    • Lori says:

      Species like the knapweed mentioned above, and lots of other stuff that chokes out the native vegetation, both on land & water, upsetting th balance of the ecosystem. Hmm-m-m-m… sounds a bit like U.S. history to me. Many counties ’round here have “Noxious Weed Control” boards that spend time & money trying to get rid of the bad stuff. Too bad the Native American tribes didn’t have “Obnoxious People Control” boards.

  6. Don in Tennessee says:

    Invasive species can include plants (Kudzu) of with has been mentioned and is in TN and animals and pests. We have wild hogs in the Great Smoky Mountains that uproot native vegetation and cause erosion. Fire ants have been brought in with landscaping plants and we have the beetles that are destroying trees.

    We all owe it to ourselfs to be educated about these things and try and to our part to take care of our beautiful country!

  7. Stephen - NYC says:

    Here in New York City, we can no longer just throw out any sort of wood debris. That’s due to the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Read all this for the particulars:

  8. Roshi in Dallas says:

    let’s not forget about invasive aquatic animals like zebra mussels and asian clams that are/ have infested all of nural and man-made rivers, lakes anc channels all across the US in less that 30 years!

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