Day 144

Looks like my kind of place

August 17th, 2010


  1. Mary says:

    Did they leave the lights on? where is everybody?

  2. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    I’m here Mary, if that’s what you were referring to-hobo planet people. I laughed at your comment as that is what I would have thought too. But I laughed because looking at where the arrow is pointing it looks like it’s pointing at that thing sticking up in the trees. Matt needs to keep on passing by this one. Shady looking sign for sure.

  3. MN Roxanne says:

    It looks like the Motel is on top of the rock formation…. definitely a “hobo” looking place… but Matt, I think your tent would be better for the night!

  4. Craig.. (Yeah in NC!) says:

    I’m not sure about anyone else, this is another one of “them there” startings of a BAD Horror movie..
    My first thought when I saw this picture was “ahhhh HELL NO!”.
    My second was “Matt, keep on keeping on, nothing can come good from following that sign.”
    Not even for “the experience of it..”

  5. Jeff says:

    Your kind of place…a motel…or a night in the woods. You are gonna have to decorate you apartment very wooded like so you can adjust….when your all, sniff, sniff, …..done…..waaaaaaaaa

    • Karen Too says:

      Ha! I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite some time about his readjusting to city life, or not, living in the woods all this time, etc.

      I think that this would be a lovely place to spend the night.

  6. EDL In MN says:

    So… where is the motel?

  7. charlie says:

    with this photo matt has passed thru EIGHT state parks since crossing into Oregon!

    • Jeff says:

      And your comment was 19,017….making my comment back 19,018

      • John in MI says:

        Jeff, I never could figure out how to find the counts. I know it has something to do with the little infinity sign, but I got nothin’

        • Jeff says:

          You have to hide your start bar…..then you cursor over the infinity sign….look at the bottom of the page (where the start bar was…or where your screen shows the “address of the link” you are pointing at…it will give you the comment number at the end of the page…

  8. Dave says:

    this one has BATES written all over it.

  9. John in MI says:

    I always look at signs like this, and wonder what things were like when this place was in its heyday.

  10. Hey! That is Beacon Rock in the background! You can climb to the top! I’ve done it! Matt could have too, but he crossed over! Anyway, it is no easy feat and with his Mattmobile, impossible.

  11. Candice In Alabama says:

    Watch out for Norman.

  12. Don in Tennessee says:

    This sign is a bluff!!! No extra charge for air conditioning!!!

  13. katzien in austin says:

    Aha! So the ‘glorious mountain’ I mentioned in a previous post was actually Beacon Rock. Well…my sentiment stands. I still want to go climb it. ;-) Matt sure is getting snap-happy lately. So much to see and show us.

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