Day 147

This Gloom on My Soul

August 20th, 2010

Another beautiful tune. For more info, check out their website.


  1. Kier from Oregon says:

    So haunting and beautiful…thank you Matt for the glimpse into your wonderful evening.

    • Norwood says:

      I damn near fell out of my chair when I nodded off. Not blaming the players, I’ve been up all night and this just put me over the edge.

  2. Wonderful…now that is what I call friendship…offering music to someone you don’t know…but you know would enjoy it…and turn into friendship…(did that even makes sense???)…by now we know what each other means, I guess???…

  3. I went to their site…okay, I see why they and Matt hit it off…they are genuine and real too…”just as they appear to be”…all of us would have liked to have been there…I feel a little jealousy (in a good way) across the internet right now…”Oh, to be there.”…

  4. Ruthie in CA says:

    The music was worth the wait, thanks for sharing and caring. I visited my family this past summer and my cousins got together and played the guitar and banjo. It took a while for them because they had never played together and are not professionals but the music they made was priceless…

  5. That was really a treat! Matt, you have just so enriched and now you have enriched us, your followers. Thank you all for that! Very kind. I plan to contact Betsy and Mark and see about getting their CD. You have found a wonderful family. I bet you almost hate to leave them…..

  6. That didn’t read right…I meant to say you have been so enriched….etc.

  7. Candice in Alabama says:

    AGAIN – I love this kind of music! Wonderful! How Lucky you are Matt!

  8. Candice in Alabama says:

    If anyone knows or finds out where I can purchase their CD, please let me know. I tried emailing them through their website and got a MAILER-DAEMON.

  9. Karen says:

    Your Uncle Bill would love this music.

  10. Karen Too says:

    Love this music.

    Thanks for sharing it here, Matt. Thanks to “Mos ‘n Bets” for sharing it with Matt.

  11. Well, while waiting for some more photos, I started looking at Portland sites on the internet…as was interested in the Lone Fir Cemetery. Did Matt mention that, or did one of the “followers”? I think Betsy and Mark live near the cemetery. Anyway, I discovered another cemetery called River Viewwas built around 1882 on the West side of the Willamette. Lone Fir was too far out and cost too much money to ferry people from the West side to the East side!! The early city “fathers” who built up Portland are buried there as well as Virgil Earp….who is he? Wyatt’s Earp’s brother! Didn’t know he was in town!

    Further reading….the cemetery, as of July this year, is the first in the nation to go GREEN! What does that mean? You can be buried without casket….no concrete, no steel, no enbalming, just put in the ground like the good old days! Guess it is time to get off this subject?

  12. Janine says:

    Ooooooo wooooooow that is beautiful!

  13. Mary says:

    Two talented people. Matt you have met some of the best people in America and people you have met our hero on Hobo Planet. I’m already getting withdrawal symptons :’-( You just need to walk back to NY because when I starting reading your blog, I too was going to get on my tread mill and walk along with you but procrastinated so I still have those 30 pounds to shed.

  14. Lizzie K says:

    Golly, that’s lovely. Thinking of you as you approach your other ocean! <3

  15. Betsy Branch says:

    Hi all! Sorry to not have a functional website! It was so sweet of Matt to post our music on his site. We really really enjoyed hosting him. One of these days we’ll get up a website that works, but we’re too busy playing tunes. If you’d like to contact us about one of our CD’s, you can email me at:

    I have a CD with Mark, and then I also have a twin fiddle CD that I gave to Matt of me and my friend David Kaynor (who does have a functional website!)

    Thanks all—

    Betsy Branch

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