Day 151

One last stream bath

August 24th, 2010

Wilson River


  1. Gigi says:

    Woohoo, a stream bath for our hobo! Getting ready for the big day!

    • Jeff says:

      oh when the shark bites…..oh when the shark bites.

      Thanks Matt. The pictue we all have been waiting for….except it is not the “pacific”… Pack it in – journey on.
      Rock-rock-rockaway beach awaits……courtesy the Ramones.

  2. Christopher says:

    The BEST PIC of all!

  3. Saun in Ohio says:

    Looks like your having fun…..

  4. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    Hi Matt!! {{waving}} Good to see ya!! The water looks refreshing and you look great! So happy! I’ll bet you can’t wait to take a real shower in your own home and sleep in your own bed. Have a safe and happy walk tomorrow!! Enjoy your day and have fun!!!

  5. Bev from Vancouver WA says:

    Almost there and still smiling! Happy feet, happy Matt~

  6. Norval from Wisconsin says:

    I bet there’s shrinkage! That’s gotta be COLD……

  7. katzien in austin says:

    You look as happy as a clam! So who took your picture?? Great shot!

  8. Laura in TX says:

    That’s what I was just going to ask. Has Matt had company all along? We will never know :)

  9. blistery Bob says:

    one of the few pictures of our Matt. I think it was great of you to take pictures of the trip and the people you met along the way. The fact that you were not in nearly all the shots says something, not sure what but it says something. I’ve been following a couple other cross country walks and yours is the one that I can not do without. I will so miss this. Hope that the community that you have formed will find some way to keep the connection together. You have truly reached out and bound this country together in a profound way.

    I want the Hobo Nation to find a way of keeping this community together.

  10. MN Roxanne says:

    Great photo… love your smile…. enjoy your last stream bath!

  11. Tna says:


  12. deanna valenti meyer says:

    Awww….hi Matt!!! Looks like you are savoring the final hours of your trip. That is so, so, so great! :)

  13. Ruthie in CA says:

    This pic reminds me of this…

  14. Wendy in Las Vegas says:

    Matt, You look so happy and relaxed. You have brought happiness to so many people. Let us know how the beaches of Oregon compare to New York! Enjoy tomorrow and thanks for sharing your very special journey.

  15. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Who took the picture??!!????? If you’re there then who’s behind the camera??? You must have company with you. How else could you have taken that great shot?! You look very happy and relaxed there in that stream. Like a little kind playing around in the creek. Hope it was as refreshing as it looks.

  16. Alisa 11 says:

    Could his camera have a timed shot?? Perhaps he set it up to take a picture of himself?

  17. Cool Matt! Love that smile!

  18. Chantal in Vegas says:

    I love the expression on your face! Your grin seems to be exuding how spectacular the journey has been and how the destination is not important but what you’ve done in each little moment along the way.

  19. John in MI says:

    Looks like he’s pretty good at treading water too. Just another skill on a list of many. Congrats Matt, and enjoy your stroll to the finish!

  20. Nick in Ohio says:

    OK.. it’s the final day now in OH and I don’t know how I am going to get any work done. Congrats Matt and I hope that sweet Pacific air rewards you handsomely.

    • Julie in Cincinnati says:

      Work?? What work? The boss may think I’m working but I’m really gonna be “hoboing”, or boo-hooing, all day.

      • katzien in austin says:

        So right Julie! Luckyily, my dear boss is on vacation. Still getting client calls though so I have to do some work. ;-)

  21. I. Rodine in San Simeon, CA says:

    A Pond for the Reflection’s, I presume…

  22. Lois says:

    That. Looks. Perfect.

  23. Michelle says:

    You look Great!!
    Peace, from Michelle in Providence

  24. Katie says:

    Matt, what are the people of Hobo Nation going to do after tomorrow. Every morning I would get up to see what Matt saw the day before. I (we) will miss your daily adventures and meeting the wonderful people you met on your journey. When my grandaughter would stay overnight with me the first thing she said the next morning was “grandma, let’s see where Matt is”. I will miss you. Katie

  25. Georgeanne says:

    I finally got to see a picture of Matt. Been waiting and looking since June and I noticed he always managed to be out of the pictures.

  26. Linda says:

    The water looks fine! I bet it felt great! it’s great to see you Matt. you’re almost at the finish line. I can’t wait to hear you talk more about your journey

    safe trip

  27. Stephen says:

    New species discovered in Oregon stream. Scientific name: mattious walkinimous. Identifying characteristics: no tan lines.

  28. Janine says:

    Oh man, it has been so hot here, that swim in the stream looks absolutely wonderful!

  29. Barb V from Michigan says:

    Skin!!! There it is! And it’s white… that’s what long sleeves & pants will do in the summer – preserve the original color of skin. Which brings up a couple of questions I have for Matt: With high numbers of SPF available, why did you keep your sleeves down and your pants in tact? Was there ever a time you let your limbs soak in the vitamin D naturally provided by sunlight? Just curious.

    BTW – that looks so refreshing! And you look great!

  30. Candice In Alabama says:

    whoa nelly! Matt – looking good!

  31. Don in Tennessee says:

    Matt-that had to feel great-a precursor to today in the Pacific. What a smile and I beat those feet loved this! We will miss your great sense of humor, wit and charm with the folks-you have shown love for our great nation, its people and the Hobo Nation-so when is the book to be published?

  32. Lori in Ohio says:

    Splish splash Matts taking a bath. Wonderful smile

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