Day 152

Crazed roadside bear

August 25th, 2010


  1. Steve in WI says:

    Love to see the patroitc Bear

  2. Michael in Atlanta says:

    He’s crazy for Matt!

  3. Lori says:

    … but patriotic!

  4. G. Midwesterson says:

    Looks like the bear’s mom was right: the sharp tip of the flag stick poked his eye out.

  5. Diane in Ohio says:

    Those bears in Oregon are very patriotic, aren’t they? Didn’t the last one have a flag, too?

  6. Terry from NJ says:

    Don’t get any bear spray on the flag!

  7. katzien in austin says:

    He says “America is gggrrrrrrrrreat!

  8. Gigi says:

    Lots of roadside bears on the last few days of your walk, good thing they don’t bite. Walk on Matt, Rockaway Beach awaits you.

  9. John in MI says:

    He’s mad because someone duct-taped that flag to his paw.

  10. Dennis in MI says:

    Did you use your bear-spray on it? A bear spray unused is a useless bear spray…

  11. Michael in Atlanta says:

    That flag looks fresh. I think someone put it there for Matt!

  12. Luz says:

    Thankyou Matt!

  13. Lois says:

    Looks like he needs to brush his teeth!!!

    • Vickie from Michigan says:

      I think those dark spots are cavities. Maybe that giant bunny with the dental tool in Portland could help. Somebody will have to take a walk, though; or they could both meet in Idiotville.

  14. 1sun goddess says:

    see ya in Rockaway!

  15. Don in Tennessee says:

    OK – I am going to lose it. I was gone all morning and came home and my wife was on the computer. I said when will you be done sweetheart? She said, you have been on this thing for months now and I need to use it. I said , but honey I have a meeting today with Matt and as Mayor of the Hobo Planet, I must be at my seat!

    I only have about a hour and then I have to leave again and I will miss Matt’s greeting at the Caboose. Does anyone feel sorry for me?

    I guessed the arrival to be either August 23 or 24. I should have known it would be on the 25th- 4 months before Christmas; an early present for all of us in the Hobo Planet. Merry Christmas to Matt and the Hobo Nation.

    So many photos to catch up on and so little time. Maybe I will have time tonight. Tomorrow, I am driving the church bus on a trip for the senior citizens- I know I am 60 but only a senior citizen if I get a better price to purchase something!

    This bear reminds of of this great by Eddy Arnold –

    A true All American just like Matt Green!

    Where are the ducks!!! The Oregon Ducks-all I see are bears!

    Tennessee plays the Oregon Ducks here in Knmoxville on September 11. I think this is the only quack team we play this year. We will hopefully waddle over them- GO VOLS!!!

  16. katzien in austin says:

    Well it looks like she vacated the keyboard for you. Woohoo! Sorry you won’t be online with us, but when you get back, it will be all there for you, just waiting to be savored. ;-)

  17. I’ve tried to find out something about the chainsaw bears near Tillamook. So far I can’t find out anything. Does RBCC know?

  18. I like that kind of crazy…

  19. Marc says:

    I really hope you make a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and get some cheese curds and/or ice cream.

  20. Donna in MI says:

    The Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce is located inside the Red Caboose in the center of town. Here’s a link to a picture of the Red Caboose and the beach. We can be there in spirit, and dream that we are there in person celebrating with Matt.

  21. Don in Tennessee says:

    OK-I will have to quit very soon and I will miss Matt’s greeting in Rockaway Beach, OR – I will however be in Rockaway in spirit. Would someone pass on to Matt that the Mayor had a scheduled event today that I made in May and I can’t be there.

    Please tell him that if had had not goofed off he would have been in Rockaway Beach, OR on the August 23 or 24 and I would not be in this precarious position-I mean it is embrassing to me and my wife.

    OK- I missed it 1 day but I think that is good enough that I am going to ————————-

    YYYYYAAAAAHHHHHOOOOO!!!! – 5 of each letter for the 5 months it took to finish!

    That is for the whole Hobo Planet and not just for me guessing within 1 day. We all love you Matt and are happy for you to have finished and to be safe and unarmed-I mean unharmed.

    Some body will tell me I got carried away and Matt does not need arms. How would he have pushed the Mattmobile without arms. Give me a break and please do not come gunning for me!

    Hobo Don
    Mayor of the Hobo Nation/Planet (per Jeff)

  22. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Nice wood carving. Someone out there is very talented. At least you got to see some bears while you were out there! Good thing they were wooden huh? Oh except for that bear in the window, he was real even though he was stuffed. I wonder why these bears a along the way with American flags stuck in them though?

  23. Lori in Ohio says:

    Heres a thought … I was wondering if any of those bears could be used for an awsome mail box, cause Im thinking about buying one and sticking a regulation post box in its tummy just to be different

  24. deb says:

    Thank goodness you are carrying that bear repellent! It looks like he is about to beat you with the American flag!

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