Day 115

A great little footbridge

July 19th, 2010


  1. alan of cedar rapids iowa says:

    did you cross the bridge

  2. Christine says:

    Is this on someone’s property? I hope so. Glad the monotony has broken a bit. Good luck Matt with the mountains ahead!

  3. Gigi says:

    This is so cool! Is that a park across the bridge?

  4. Don in Tennessee says:


    This looks like what we call a suspension bridge in East TN. Not many left (many in disrepair) but they are cool. Probably do not meet OSHA regs! We are regged (NOT LEGGED) to death

    Makes me think of this –

  5. Very pretty and just wide enough for one walking cart from NYC to cross through to the other side.

  6. MN Roxanne says:

    What a cool thing… you could stop half way across and do a little Rock a bye on the way to Rock A Way….

  7. Jeff says:

    wow and no toll to pay to cross!! did you take a stroll w/the stroller? I guess that is to keep all the previously mounted (i mean posted) wildlife at bay….cross the bridge…end up troll food or on the wall.

  8. Candice in Alabama says:

    Matt – beautiful, only thing better – VIDEO – so we could hear the water rushing past.

  9. Barbie Ward says:

    Is this near Stanford? I live in Lewistown and have no clue where this cool little bridge is.
    You’re almost to your destination, the rest of the way will be absolutely beautiful! Have fun!!!

  10. Nicole says:

    just plain lovely!

  11. Roe says:

    What Nicole said…

  12. kelsie says:

    i grew up in that down its the swinging bridge!! belt montana folks! we used to jump and swing on that bridge omg i miss home soooo much!!!!

  13. Brandi says:

    I grew up in this town. The bridge used to have metal arches holding the sides in a little tighter but people kept pulling them out. My Great Great Uncle built the bridge before he died. PS for those of you who don’t know where this bridge is located. It is in Belt, Montana. A small town 20 miles outside of Great Falls. Population is around 800. Google it.

    • Barb V from Michigan says:

      Brandi, so cool! I love this Hobo Nation – so many times along Matt’s journey places & people have been personalized with a connection.

  14. Julie in Cincinnati says:

    I love that bridge! So cool!! We have a Suspension Bridge here in Cincinnati for cars to cross from Cincinnati across the Ohio River into Covington, Kentucky. It’s metal (not wood) however the metal is a “grate” and you look straight down into the river. Google the “Roebling Suspension Bridge”. We also have the “Purple People Bridge” which is a foot bridge for people to walk across the Ohio River into Newport, Kentucky. You used to be able to climb the Purple People Bridge structure but it was so expensive that they closed that part of the attraction. Now it’s just used to walk from OH to KY across the Ohio River. They also have arts and music festivals on the bridge which is neat. I love bridges!

  15. Tom says:

    I also grew up in that town and have a lot of fun memories on that bridge….still a lot of poeple that wont cross it with me!!!! >:)

  16. marci says:


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