Day 192

The Nile River of downspouts

July 9th, 2012

This lengthy waterway descends from the roof on the far side of the wall, runs through all those blue barrels, drops to the ground, and then turns and makes its way out toward the yard, finally terminating a couple of feet beyond the hydrangea.


  1. Blue Nile . . . White Nile

  2. Jane says:

    I wonder if they are collecting rain water in the barrels. ?

  3. Jeff In Joisy says:

    Always a nice Oasis along the nile!!

  4. Sandra in Ashland says:

    Taking full advantage of available rainwater–good for them!

  5. Melody in Oklahoma says:

    My mom was born in December of 1929, the beginning of the depression, so her childhood was during the depression and World War II when everyone had to use everything up, unlike how we live today, and grown their own veggies or starve. I remember her telling me about the rain barrels everyone had to collect rainwater. They would use it to wash their hair and water their gardens. She said your hair never felt so clean as when using rainwater. We used to collect buckets of rain water in the summer too and shampoo our hair, and she was right. Only one soaping and rinsing required and soft non-frizzie hair (I have extreme natural curls) without having to use conditioner. I’ve seen on-line companies that sell rain barrels and living in Oklahoma where we are live in a drought more often than not, I often wonder why we gave up the practic of everyone owning rain barrels. Maybe I’ll order a rain barrel in case we ever get any more rain here. My trees are even suffering from lack of water.

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