Day 206

Subcontinental ego boost

July 23rd, 2012

If you're ever feeling unwanted, like your existence on this earth matters to no one, just take a walk down First Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets, and glance over at one of these three restaurants as if you might be thinking about stopping for a bite to eat. The barkers stationed outside will kick into high gear, each one fighting over you as if his life depended upon it, forcefully demanding that you — you! — choose his establishment over the others.

The two Indian places at the top are engaged in a long-standing feud over whose cuisine is tastier and who originated the preposterous lighting scheme that they both now employ. And the Bangladeshi newcomer on the bottom floor is no slouch either; on a recent visit, its barker was easily the most aggressive of the bunch.


  1. Jon says:

    Hmm, the place on the top right doesn’t seem to be nearly as proud of their inspection grade as the other two. I wonder why that could “B”?

  2. RAYMOND in ALABAMA says:

    GIRLS, GIRLS, HE’S LOOKING AT…………………………………………………….

  3. says:

    Have eaten in the one on the top-left of the stairs with a rowdy group of international professors visiting NYU. The food is great and inexpensive, BYOB, the decor makes you feel like you are eating inside a decorated Christmas tree, and it is always an experience!

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