Day 463

Warren Place

April 6th, 2013

These town houses were built for workingmen and their families in the late 1870s by Alfred Tredway White ("the great heart and mastermind of Brooklyn's better self"), a philanthropic housing reformer who once wrote:

The badly constructed, unventilated, dark and foul tenement houses of New York, in which our laboring classes are forced to live, are the nurseries of the epidemics which spread with certain destructiveness into the fairest homes; they are the hiding-places of the local banditti; they are the cradles of the insane who fill the asylums and of the paupers who throng the almshouses; in fact, they produce these noxious and unhappy elements of society as surely as the harvest follows the sowing, and, by these, punish the carelessness of those who own no responsibility as keepers of their brethren.
Times change, of course. One of these homes currently on the market is listed for $1.35 million.

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  1. Dorna Lange says:

    Yes! When I first moved to NY I stayed at 13 Warren place with a family friend for a few months… it was a dream :) She’s the lady responsible for those beautiful gardens you see!!

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