Day 475

Road closed

April 18th, 2013

Just a few days after the Boston Marathon bombings, paranoia is running high. Someone called 911 to report a "suspicious package" at the intersection of Farragut Road and East 105th Street. In Canarsie. On the corner of a vacant lot. The cop did a serviceable job of sounding serious when he told me that's why I couldn't pass through. "Hey, if someone calls 911, we can't just kick it into the gutter", he said with a smile. I had to circle back around later in the day, after the bomb scare was over, to pick up this block.

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  1. NoseKnows says:

    Matt, sounds like you did better with this guy than the line of recruits on motorcycles a while back. Maybe word to be wary hadn’t filtered to this guy yet.

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